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Dog Fences

Dog Fence San FranciscoIt turns out that pools can be death traps, even for dogs that are excellent swimmers.  Many people think that all dogs can swim.  This is just not so! Try throwing most English Bull dogs in the water and you will see very little swimming and a whole lot of sinking.  Even dogs that are excellent swimmers can tire out, get disoriented, and forget where the steps are.  If nobody is around to witness the struggle, a dog owner can happen upon a very traumatizing scene.

Pets need a different quality of mesh. Dogs can claw and chew at the original mesh, over time reducing the integrity and look of the product. The specially designed pet mesh is made with smaller holes that inhibit the ability of the animal to get their claws or teeth into the mesh. If they cannot penetrate the mesh they cannot tear it up. Animals also require the need for premier poles to compensate for the continued attempt of jumping into or over the fence. Dogs of all sizes have been used to test the quality of the pet fence. They all failed to penetrate the fence. The pet fences, just like the original and premier fences are removable and you can still see through them.

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