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AquaTech’s Pool Services and Energy Efficient Products




Your pool cover is an essential tool to prevent debris from falling or blowing into the water. It also keeps your pool area looking neat and tidy. We offer two levels of cost-effective and affordable preventative maintenance for your pool cover, ensuring that it operates as intended and looks great doing its tasks. Check out what is covered at each level to chose the plan that meets your budget. 

  • Our basic service level ensures all working parts of your pool cover are operating properly and will continue to do so in the future. 
  • Our premium service includes all of the features in the Basic plan plus: hand-washing of the pool cover and hand application of U.V. protectant and conditioner
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We know how important a well-fitting cover is to the longevity and continuing enjoyment of your backyard pool. A quality cover protects the purity of the water in your pool and reduces evaporation by up to 93 percent. A well-maintained pool reduces your costs up to 85 percent according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Any swimming pool in our service area can benefit from our expert services, whether we have serviced your pool before or not.

If a pool cover ceases to operate as expected, you have a real emergency on your hands. We pride ourselves on a quick response and a workable solution for any pool cover crisis that comes our way.

Contact us and give us a chance to help you restore your pool cover to working condition. Our pool cover experts are knowledgeable and friendly, each one loving the job of resolving pool cover problems in our community.

We pledge to work with you regardless of the system you now own.

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The NEWLY redesigned HeatWave SuperQuiet® SQ120R and the  SQ166R come equipped with all standard features. The Patented ThermoLink®Titanium Heat Exchanger at its core makes this unit a powerhouse that’s built to last. The SQ120R features IceBreaker®technology which allows you to heat and cool your pool. 

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For your peace of mind and your friends and family’s safety, we offer a range of pool alarms. Depending upon the type, these devices send an immediate signal to you if something unexpected happens in or around your pool. Even with nets and fences surrounding your pool, you will want this extra protection.

Here are the types we carry:

  • Sub-surface disturbance detector
  • Surface wave sensor
  • Wristband alarm
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