There are many reasons why large backyards are filled with fun. Here is a list of the top ten reasons we think you should consider getting a home with a large backyard. Backyards that are large give you so much more to do.


10. Build a swimming pool

One of the best things you can do is to build a swimming pool. They are great to keep the entire family active and if you have a large backyard it won’t take up that much room even if it is an Olympic size swimming pool.


9. Dogs

If you love animals and are considering owning a dog than a large backyard is a must. They will be able to run around the large yard and get exercise even when you can’t. They might even enjoy swimming in the pool that you have as well.


8. Horses

If you don’t have acres you will not be able to have the great equestrian lovers dream. It is important to have tons of room and a huge yard if you want to have a horse someday. Might want to buy the acres before the horse.


7. Family parties

You can throw some of the best parties with large yards. It gives your guests places they can sprawl out to and you a place to put up all of your favorite games.


6. Party games

If you are going to put up party games besides having the swimming pool a large yard leaves room for so much more. You can put up a volleyball net, crochet and any other game that your mind can imagine.


5. Large deck

A big back yard has room for one large deck. A large deck is another great thing to have when entertaining and an enjoyable place for everyone to sit together.


4. Patio

If you are going to have a deck and pool one of the best investments is a beautiful large patio to go around the gorgeous swimming pool. This will help you have a place for guests to sit or lay out when they come out of the water.


3. Pond

If you have a large enough yard you might want to consider putting in a pond with Koi. Guests will love watching the fish swim around and there is nothing more peaceful than a pond for relaxing.


2. Playground

Every large yard needs to have a playground for the kids to play on. There is no reason why not to indulge every kid’s fantasy.


1. A treehouse

A large yard has plenty of room for an elaborate treehouse and how much fun will that be. They even have tree houses for adults nowadays that are very warm, cozy and inviting.

There are plenty of reasons to have a big yard and many people’s favorite reason is to install a brand new pool. If that is something you would like to do, go for it as it is money well spent in today’s world.