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Tom & Theresa Horiye
How satisfied with our customer service: Satisfied
Do you already have our product? Yes
What product do you have? Pool Cover
What other companies have you contacted? Pool Covers Inc Burkett
Can we use your opinion on our website? Yes

My husband and I are overwhelmed by the excellent service from Aqua Tech Pool Covers! In our view they are the experts in Safety Pool Covers for children, which is the number one reason we contacted their company. Our experience with another Pool Safety cover Company( a competitor) was so disastrous that we had to report them to the authorities. We went close to 2 months with no safety pool cover and no communication as to when it would be installed. It was a horrible experience from the day we signed the contract including fraudulent charges on our Visa.

That’s when my husband and I were referred to Aqua Tech Pool Covers. Our first contact was with their office representative Katie who was pleasant, courteous and patient to talk. She was made aware of our need for a replacement pool cover for the protection of our Special Needs/Autistic son. They came to our house the very next day, with a quote that matched the competition. Their Business Manager Aaron was professional and very knowledgeable. He provided options for our replacement cover which as not discussed by the other company. There was no pressure by Aaron or Aqua Tech Pool Covers. They delivered a quote which provided the maximum protection for our children, especially our special needs child.

For our own piece of mind, it was suggested we contact a third pool cover company for a quote. To our disappointment, that third company never showed up to our agreed upon appointment (not even a phone call for missing the appointment). At that point we were so stressed by having to deal with unprofessional pool cover companies we knew instantly that it was an easy decision to choose Aqua Tech Pools Cover and we signed the contract that evening.

We were very surprised to hear back from both Katie and Aaron himself reassuring both my husband and I they received our contract safely and that our pool cover had been ordered immediately. We NEVER had that kind of service from the other company, because when we did call we were viewed as being a pest, when all we wanted to know was the status of our order. That is why we were delighted to receive such excellent follow-up from Aqua Tech Pool Covers. In addition our pool cover arrival was earlier than scheduled, which reassured us in having pool protection for our children.

Aqua Techs technicians arrived on time with no delays and they even gave us a courteous call to let us know they were on their way. Upon arrival,they greeted us in a professional manner and showed exceptional amount of patience with our special needs autistic child. Our son really liked the team of technicians. Their work was by far the very best contract service we’ve ever experienced. They even cleaned and swept the area they worked around. They might have cleaned a few extra areas in our backyard they did not have too!! They demonstrated in a simple to understand manner how to use the pool cover equipment safely and to care for the cover during different weather changes. We were provided a warranty and extra cover material for our reference. Did we forget to say the product meets all government standards for pool cover safety!! To sum it up Aqua Tech is the TRUE and ONLY leader in pool cover safety product for your family!!

Tom and Theresa Horiye, San Jose, California 11/15/2012