Owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibility. You not only need to make sure it is safe for the whole family, but you need to keep it cleaned and maintained regularly. Caring for a pool is not hard work but it does need to be done frequently and many people struggle to find the time. Testing the water, adding chemicals and cleaning the filter and equipment must be done often to keep your pool safe and in optimal condition.

How to Automate Swimming Pool Care?

We understand that many of you are busy and could use some help when it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance. Automating the process helps you save time, so it does not seem to be such a chore. It is much easier these days to care for your pool thanks to pool care automation. You only need a little knowledge and the right equipment, and you can have a well-cared for pool and more free time to spend on it.

Pool Care Automation

Using modern technology to care for your pool is a new approach that saves you time and effort. Automated systems do a large portion of the work for you and help you to monitor your pool from any location. They can add all required chemicals to the water in the right quantities, and test water samples as and when needed. There are even some systems available that clean the pool for you if you feel you need them too.

You will have to add the chemicals to your pool system but it will let you know when they are needed and how much to add. The system then takes care of adding them to the pool and notifies you when they are getting low again. You will be responsible for cleaning the filters by hand but this is nothing compared to cleaning and caring for the pool entirely by yourself. Automated care systems need to be installed which means there is an initial cost at the time the pool is built. You can always add them later too and pay for installation at that time. The overall cost is more than made up for in the long term because you save on time, effort and on chemicals, daily maintenance, and care. The lifespan of your pool is also extended with the accurate care provided, so you get additional value for the money you have to put out up front.


It is a fairly simple process to get a system installed as there are only a few steps involved:

  • You need to first check your internet connection because good connectivity is needed for you to monitor the system from other locations. The Wi-Fi signal must reach the pool area and if not, you can extend or move the router as needed.
  • You need to get the appropriate systems like the Pool Monitoring System and an Automated Cleaning System. There are also systems available that ship you pre-measured chemicals for you to drop in as needed which saves you, even more, time and effort.
  • Robotic pool cleaners can also be purchased and they help by moving around the pool, cleaning the bottom and sides of the pool. They clean dirt and grime as they move around leaving only the skimmer for you to clean.
  • Setting the automated system up is not difficult, so if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer you can likely do this alone. It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional, however, to ensure it is done correctly.
  • You can monitor the system through your computer or smartphone. It will alert you when chemicals are needed and you need to make sure you put them in right away. Waiting can cause pool chemicals to become unbalanced. Set reminders for yourself to check the filtration system so you can clean this regularly as well.

Modern technology now allows us to get some help with pool care. Depending on what exactly you hope to get out of owning a pool, this could be a great investment. If you are a hands-on type of person that enjoys the work and maintenance, then these systems will not work, but if you want the pool without the work, automated systems are the ideal resource.

If you are interested in pool automation, please contact us!