The weather in San Jose can change as part of the typical Northern California climate. Despite the chances of rain and clouds, there are many homes still have pools in their backyard. Owning a pool is fun but it also comes with large responsibilities. Pool maintenance is a chore that needs to be performed regularly and very specifically. It is a necessity though because it keeps the pool safe and clean.

Getting an Automatic Pool Cover in San Jose

Accidental drowning account for many deaths each year but this can be easily avoided with pool covers. Automatic pool covers have become the popular choice because of the ease with which you can open and cover your pool. If you are looking to get a pool cover, then there are a few key things you need to know before getting an automatic cover.

Pros and Cons of Automatic Pool Covers

The cost of automatic pool covers is often higher than people expect it to be. You should plan your budget to allow for between $12000 and $15000 on a top-quality automatic pool cover. Pricing can also vary if the shape of your pool differs from the standard rectangular pool shape. As the leading pool resource in the San Jose area, allow us to help you find the pool cover for your budget and needs. You will never have to worry about ice cold water when you have a pool cover. Automatic covers are made from heavy vinyl, which allows it to heat the water up when pulled across. This means you can save money because you will not need your heat pump as often. Sometimes the pool water can become too warm, which may be uncomfortable and can cost you money as you lose more water through evaporation so be sure to watch the temperature closely. Automatic covers are sturdy and are great for keeping children and pets out of the pool. They also work to keep leaves and debris from getting into the pool and clogging up systems and equipment. With these covers, you have to make sure you check the mechanisms often because debris and dirt can build up and damage the motors. With regular inspections and cleaning, you can prevent these problems and ensure your pool cover lasts a long time.


Pool safety is always your number one priority and often a fence around the pool will work just fine. Fences can keep people out but not debris, which is why an automatic cover is a beneficial addition. To keep your pool safe and clean, and keep your maintenance time and costs down, call us today to discuss the options you have for an automatic pool cover. As your San Jose pool cover specialist, we have the safest pool covers for you.




Keep Your Pool Safe – Get an Automatic Pool Cover!