For the longest time, automatic pool covers have been seen as a luxury add-on product. Opening and closing your pool cover at the press of a button for a cost of a few thousand dollars hasn’t always seemed like a necessity. Times are changing and so is the need and value of an automatic pool cover. As people realize the importance of these covers, they are becoming more of an investment rather than a luxury.

Why You Should Have an Automatic Pool Cover?

Where only 5 percent of pool owners once bought automatic pool covers, now more than 90 percent get them. Typically people see other pools with the automatic pool cover and decide it would benefit their pool too. As a result, automatic pool covers are more popular than ever and an essential item for any pool owner to have. It is not just millionaires that have these covers either. Most homes of varying incomes are investing in automatic pool covers. One of the main reasons automatic pool covers have increased in popularity is because automation is a craze sweeping the nation. In this world of smartphones and having information at our fingertips doing things quickly and easily is the new trend. Appliances are all available with automatic features and the pool industry is following along too. Pool equipment is now automatic and so are the covers. Everyone wants to live the “instant” life and automatic pool covers help achieve this.

Convenience is another reason these pool covers are becoming popular. Having a pool cover helps to save on water loss, energy loss, and chemicals. The savings is a major push towards the initial investment, Once you factor in that automatic pool covers are convenient to operate, they make the perfect option. If you are going to spend the money, you might as well invest in the right option, and automatic pool covers are as durable and reliable as they come. For those truly concerned with the prices, but who still want to invest in a pool cover for safety and to protect the pool, there are kit options. Often, you can find automatic pool covers in its systems which keeps the costs down and is more comparable with the manual vinyl covers on the market.


Automatic pool covers protect your pool and provide safety both of which are top priorities to pool owners. Once these covers were considered to be luxurious and now as times become more dependent on convenience, they are a necessity. There are options available for all budgets and we can help you find the best fit for you. There may be an initial investment involved, but the benefits and the long term rewards will make it all worthwhile.

Keep Your Pool Safe And Energy Efficient – Get A Pool Cover!