(AquaTech) Getting an Automatic Pool Cover in Palo Alto

Palo Alto sits right at the heart of Silicon Valley and is the capital of the technical industrial world. Home to Stanford University and part of the greater San Francisco Bay area, Palo Alto is a thriving and popular city. At the hub of technology, the economy thrives and many homes have swimming pools. Owning a pool is very enjoyable and relaxing but also comes with responsibilities.

Getting an Automatic Pool Cover in Palo Alto

Routine pool maintenance and safety precautions can be a chore but need to be done to ensure that your pool is safe for use. Accidental drowning can easily be avoided when the right precautions are taken by responsible pool owners. Automatic pool covers have become a top choice for pool safety.  Not only are they easy to use but they protect your pool and your loved ones. They can be more expensive than other pool covers, but they are also more convenient and they provide value that is worth the investment.  Automatic covers are sturdy and are great for keeping children and pets out of the pool. They are ideal for houses with pets and children as you cannot watch them every second and both are curious. Ideally, you want to combine a pool cover with a pool fence to provide the maximum amount of safety for pets and children. Be sure to always close the automatic cover when not in use and invest in a fence that has a self-closing and self-latching gate.

These covers also keep leaves and other debris from getting in the water. This can clog up pool equipment and cause expensive damage. With automatic covers, you have to check the mechanisms regularly to ensure they are clear from debris that can damage the motors. Any clogged motors will ruin the cover and can be expensive. You can prevent this and enhance the longevity of your pool cover by regularly checking and maintaining the cover motors.  You should plan to spend between $12000 and $15000 on a high-quality and reliable automatic pool cover. Pricing will change depending on the shape and size of your pool, and covers will get more expensive for larger and add shaped pools. As the leading pool resource in Palo Alto, we can help you find the right automatic pool cover for your needs and make sure we get a quality cover that also fits your budget.


With an automatic pool cover, your worries of diving into cold water can disappear. The heavy vinyl material of these covers traps heat from the daily sun inside and heats the water when pulled across at night. You will not need a heat pump when you have a quality cover or in the least, you save money because you will not have to run it as often.  Safety must be a priority for pool owners and investing in an automatic pool cover is one of the best decisions you will ever make. To keep your pool safe and clean, and save on both maintenance costs and time, reach out to us as so we can help you get the right automatic pool cover for you. We can also offer advice and other pool safety tips to ensure that your pool is for fun times only.




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