(AquaTech) Getting an Automatic Pool Cover in Sacramento

Sacramento is the capital of California and a popular place to live. With the perfect mix of history from the goldRush days, to the modern and trendy areas of the city, there is something for everyone. The city experiences moderate weather so it is common for many people to have pools in their yards. Owning a pool is very enjoyable and relaxing but also comes with responsibilities.

Getting an Automatic Pool Cover in Sacramento

Routine pool maintenance and safety precautions can be a chore but need to be done to ensure that your pool is safe for use. Accidental drowning can easily be avoided when the right precautions are taken by pool owners. Automatic pool covers have become a top choice for pool safety and something you should look into for your Sacramento pool. Not only are automatic pool covers easy to use but they protect your pool and your loved ones. If you are looking to get a pool cover there are a few key things to remember when looking to install an automatic pool cover.

  1. Cost is one of the top considerations and you should plan to spend between $12000 and $15000 on a reliable automatic pool cover. Pricing can change depending on the shape and size of your pool, with covers getting more expensive for unusual shaped pool. As the leading pool resource in Sacramento, we can help you find the right automatic pool cover for your needs and budget.
  2. With an automatic pool cover, you never have to worry about diving into the icy water. The heavy vinyl material keeps the heat inside and will also heat the water when pulled across. No heat pump is required if you have a quality cover.
  3. Automatic covers are sturdy and are great for keeping children and pets out of the pool. Drowning is a top hazard for children, and having a pool cover is one of the best ways to ensure that your children and pets do not accidentally fall in.
  4. Pool covers keep your pools clean. Sacramento can get windy at times causing leaves, twigs, and debris to fly into your pool. Not only does this make swimming less fun, but the debris can clog and damage pool equipment. With automatic covers, you have to check the mechanisms regularly to ensure they are clear from debris. Clogged motors will ruin the cover and can be expensive to fix, but regular cleaning can prevent this.

Pool safety is always your number one priority and often a fence around the pool will work just fine. Fences can keep people out but not debris, which is why an automatic cover is a beneficial addition. The best approach is to have a pool fence as well as a cover. This will keep your loved ones safe and your pool in optimal condition.

Final thoughts

Safety must be a priority for pool owners and investing in an automatic pool cover is one of the best decisions you can make. Keep your pool safe and clean, and save on both maintenance costs and time by calling us today to get the right automatic pool cover for you.





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