Automatic Safety Pool Covers

The leading cause of death for children between 1 year and 4 years of age is drowning. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there was an average of 3,533 fatal drownings annually in the U.S. from 2005 to 2009, and about one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger. Through the business of selling and installing pool covers, AquaTech helps prevent these tragedies from occurring.  We offer many different fabrics colors to match the theme of your backyard.

Why our customers love their Cover-Pools automatic pool cover?

Why Do You Need Pool Cover?

Keeping the swimming pool clean

Our pool covers act as a shield against the elements, and can be unlocked and retracted instantly.

Minimizing your energy costs

Our covers are made of material that functions as a passive solar heating pad. The cover transfers energy from the sun to the pool, which then traps the heat and warms the water. For the energy conscious homeowner, these facts are an attractive option for allowing longer swimming days, since the heating bill has been drastically reduced. There are just as good benefits for indoor pools: The cover suppresses evaporation, therefore reducing the need for dehumidification, leading to even greater energy savings. In addition to saving energy, pool covers can also reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

Reducing the strain on your pool filtration system

One important, but often overlooked consideration is the operational lifetime of the equipment that keeps your pool running. By minimizing the use of electrical systems, you can extend their lifetime considerably. Pool covers contribute greatly to accomplishing this.

Heats up your pool by capturing and transferring sunlight

The Department of Energy has affirmed that pool covers are the single most effective method of heat-loss reduction, because they alter a pool’s temperature by 10 to 15 degrees while saving energy at the same time

Conserves Water

By providing a barrier between the atmosphere and the pool, pool covers prevent evaporation. No water is lost to the environment. Rather, it condenses on the bottom side of the cover before simply dropping back into the pool, eliminating any need to replace or refill your pool water.

All across Northern California

In places of year-round fair weather, such as Sacramento, San Francisco, Fairfield, Oakley and Northern California, a consideration of all the benefits of pool covers makes one a necessity for both protecting your family and reducing your energy and labor costs.

Colors & Fabrics

Quad Core Pool Cover Fabric

Quad-Core™ Laminated Fabric

Quad-Core laminated fabric for pool and spa covers is reinforced with a strong polyester mesh for strength and tear resistance, this high-performance vinyl-resin formula provides maximum durability in the swimming pool environment.

See more below:


Pro-Coat™ Coated Fabric

Pro-Coat coated fabric for pool and spa covers uses an enhanced coated formula that provides long-lasting durability with UV protection, advanced tensile strength, and exceptional resistance to abrasions, tears, and chemical deterioration.

See more below:

Quad-core™ Premium Fabric

Cover-Pools exclusive Quad-Core™ fabric is the product of 50 years of research and experience. Reinforced with a strong polyester mesh for strength and tear resistance, this high-performance vinyl-resin formula provides maximum durability in the swimming pool environment.

  • maximum weather resistance
  • ultraviolet resistance
  • mildew resistance
  • chemical-extraction resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • durable 18 oz fabric

The fabric comes with a seven-year warranty.

Exclusive formula to protect your cover

Cover-Pools and Herculite Products developed an exclusive pool cover formula with over 20 years of experience that is superior to all other cover fabric for a pool environment. Most pool covers use a coated vinyl, leaving thin areas that create a greater risk to water exposure. Cover-Pools exlusive laminated vinyl is composed of two equal layers of vinyl evenly protecting the cover from exposure.

A pool cover protects your pool, laminated vinyl protects your cover!


Select a custom fabric color

Our premium special-order vinyl is available in many custom colors to match your pool decor. If you do not see your favorite color, contact your dealer for additional color options. Please see the actual fabric sample when making a color choice. Colors may vary.

Our high-performance fabric is offered in eleven standard colors. More colors are available in special-order vinyl. Please see the actual fabric sample when making color choice. Colors may vary.

Standard colors for 18 oz fabric

Fabric Colors

Special-Order Fabric Colors

Premium Fabric Colors

Pro-Coat™ Coated Fabric

Pro-Coat fabric for pool and spa covers uses an enhanced coated formula that provides long-lasting durability with UV protection, advanced tensile strength, and exceptional resistance to abrasions, tears, and chemical deterioration.

Enhanced Durability

Pro-Coat vinyl coated fabric pool and spa covers are designed with outer layers coated over a base of tightly woven vinyl that is designed to be tough against abrasion and prevent distortion creating advanced tensile strength that safeguards against tearing and other premature damage.

Long-Lasting Material

Wind, sun, rain, or snow, Pro-Coat vinyl fabric is made with the highest-quality materials and advanced formulation with UV, chlorine, and mildew inhibitors making it easy to clean and resistant to discoloration.

Reliable Pool Protection

Pro-Coat vinyl fabric pool covers protect your pool in more ways than one. Constructed to be strong and pliant, with a higher yarn count per ounce, to produce a strong fabric with low shrinkage — it keeps debris out of the pool and prevents animals and children from accidentally entering the pool.


As with any pool cover, our Pro-Coat vinyl fabric pool and spa covers keep heat in and extend the life of pool chemicals resulting in increased energy and cost savings for maintaining your pool or spa.

Made to Match

Pro-Coat vinyl coated pool covers come in seven different colors to coordinate with any pool. Choose from charcoal, gray, tan, brown, navy, and royal blue. 

pro coat fabric


Customize your pool cover

Your Cover-Pools pool cover system is made especially for your pool. Consult with your Cover-Pools representative to help you choose the system to match your pool, design, and budget. Each custom cover system includes standard or optional components from the following list. 

Track system

With Cover-Pools unique component track accessories, any pool–whether concrete, vinyl or fiberglass, rectangular or freeform, new or existing–can be covered. Find out more


Lid, bench, or other mechanism housing

Cover-Pools offers many options to protect and hide the mechanism and keep your pool beautiful. Learn more.

Mechanism and motor

The cover system from Cover-Pools is the most advanced cover system on the market today. It is available with the big RED™ electric motor or hydraulic power options. More about the motor


Cover-Pools offers eleven standard fabric colors for your pool cover. You can also choose from an extended collection of special-order colors or create your own custom graphic.+ See our colors and fabrics

Control and automation

Cover-Pools offers many options for automating your pool features and cover. Read more.

Automatic water-removal pump

Automatic water-removal pumps come standard with every new pool covers. Learn more.

Pool Cover Maintenance

HOW TO HELP ELIMINATE COSTLY SERVICE CALLS – PER OWNERS MANUAL – It is Normal to have your Pool cover serviced once or twice a year depending on your needs. If you haven’t done so already, you should sign up for our annual Preventative Maintenance service today. 

You do regular maintenance on your car, right?

Why not your pool cover?

To optimize performance and longevity of your Pool cover system, the manufacturer recommends a Preventative Maintenance Service, or PMS, of your system once or twice per year, depending on your unique situation.

We, at AquaTech Pool Systems, know that by doing an annual maintenance to your pool cover in the spring, helps your cover run all summer long. The benefit to the PMS during the fall is that we have an opportunity to check the drain & Rain removal pump and set you up the correct way.

Preventative Maintenance Service (Includes up to one hour)

Please see our current prices

Our Preventative Maintenance includes:

Complete Inspection (Fabric, Unit, Rope, Webbing, etc)

Lubricate Unit and Inspect attachments

Check all pulleys, gliders and sliders and other moving parts

Replace all wearable parts, as necessary (Additional charge for parts)

Clean debris from tracks, tighten all screws, check splices for proper alignment

Run and Adjust cover

Clean out housing unit (remove debris, sediment, inspect drainage)

Check mark symbol    1 Time Per year (Spring) Preventative Maintenance Service

Check mark symbol    2 Time Per year (Fall) Preventative Maintenance Service

Emergency Pool Cover Service

We Service All Manufacturers Makes and Models of Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

  • Pool Cover Specialists (PCS): Infinity 4000 & 2000, Mini-Infinity Swim SPA Cover
  • Coverstar (CS): Eclipse, CS1000
  • Cover-Pools (CP): Models I and II, Big Red, Blue Diamond, Save-T.
  • Automatic Pool Covers Inc. (APC).: AutoGuard, ManualGuard.
  • Pool-Saver: Cantal and older models
  • Aquamatic: All models
  • Aquador: All models
  • Hydro-Matic: All Models
  • Lidomatic
  • Covermatix
  • Step-Saver
  • Annyaide
  • NON Automatic Covers
  • All Manual Snap Down Covers
  • All Bubble Covers
  • All Solar Covers
  • All Pin-Down Covers


By covering your pool it has been PROVEN by the (U.S. Department of Energy) you can reduce the costs of having a pool up to 85%.

You will reduce Water Evaporation by as much as 93%. An Automatic Pool Cover can pay for itself within a couple of years.

After that it will continue to put money back in your pocket. We can cover almost any pool. Email or Call me and you will have a quote right away.

All of these pool services are just a phone call away.  AquaTech will provide total satisfaction, guaranteed! Our experts are very friendly and can answer all of your pool-related concerns.



Pool Covers

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