Autosave™ compact cover for spas and swim spas

The Autosave spa cover exceeds all other spa cover standards because it provides the same safety and energy-saving benefits as any of our pool covers, which definitely says something about its quality. Our spa covers are created to accommodate limited-space installations, thanks to a compressed mechanical system, and can operate on new and existing spas, swim spas, and small pools.

Our Autosave spa cover’s compressed mechanism trims down the space necessary to cover your spa, and can be used for both in-ground and above-ground spas.

The Autosave spa cover saves energy by averting water and heat evaporation and works especially well with indoor spas. Your cover can provide access and coverage to your spa simply by the turn of a key, making the use of your spa more convenient and enjoyable to you.

You can discuss your options of system, design, and budget with your AquaTech consultant to help you choose the best arrangement for your small pool or spa. The following list provides standard components as well as optional components for you to choose from:

Autosave Spa

Track system

Covers free-standing spas and swim spas, whether positioned under or above ground.

Lid, bench, or other mechanism housing

Protects and conceals the mechanism to keep your spa area visually appealing.

Mechanism and motor

Uses a compressed and effective balance motor to operate your spa cover.


Eleven standard fabric colors as well as a broad compilation of special-order colors.  We also craft custom graphics at the customer’s request.

Controls and automation

We offer many options for automating your spa water features and the cover.

Automatic water-removal pump

Automatic water-removal pumps come standard with every new system.