Kids and adults alike enjoy having a swimming pool for relaxation and enjoyment. However, if you are going to get the most use from your pool, you should have some fun games lined up that the kids can play quickly. Doing so will give you the opportunity to take a break from the “I’m bored” mantra kids employ much of the time.


One great game that you can put together is a simple search. You can place the desired items at the bottom of the pool and let kids see who can collect the most within a given period of time. Alternatively, you could make one of them contain a unique prize.


If you have the time and inclination to do so, you can also add air-filled balloons to the top of the water to make it more challenging for the kids to see the prizes. For bigger kids, you could blindfold the contestants.


Dolphin or mermaid races are a bunch of fun that requires no props. Each of the kids starts at the same place and swims forward under the water until they have to surface. The last person to rise wins the round.

Jousting With Noodles

For kids with a lot of energy, you can set up a jousting event. No, you don’t need to worry about any swords in the swimming pool. Instead, you can use the fun pool noodles that are so popular every year. These are firm enough for the kids to control but soft enough to cause no harm. This makes them the ideal pool jousting tools!

Marco Polo

If you have never heard of Marco Polo, it is time you do. This exciting pool game is a classic that has been entertaining for generations. It is very similar to tag, only played in the water. The person who is “it” has to call out “Marco” to which the players respond with “Polo.” When the person tags one of the players, that player takes over the position of “it.”

Chicken Fight

Chicken fighting is another classic that you have to teach the kids to play in the pool. It will require at least four people to play. The smaller folks get on the shoulders of the larger ones. Because of the water in the pool, the weight is much more manageable than when on land. The two people on top attempt to knock the other one down. The team able to remain upright wins the round.

Ping Pong

Ping pong balls float on the water and can make great targets if you have a large swimming pool. Just as diving for treasure is fun, so is gathering prize items from the top of the water. Increase the fun by writing codes in permanent marker that provide points for the person who gets it. You can work with a timed game or whoever is able to get one first.


Swimming pools help to make summertime a great deal of fun for everyone. Teach your kids these games so that they will have something to keep them occupied all summer long!