How To Choose The Best Pool Cover?


Owning an outdoor pool means having a fun, recreational option right at home. It also means investing in some basic pool necessities, including a pool cover. Covers conserve water and energy, keep debris out of the pool, and provide additional safety features. But what kind of pool cover to choose for your pool takes some consideration, which includes key factors such as the following:


  • Whether the cover will be short term (i.e. overnight) or long term (i.e. through the winter months);
  • Safety considerations, especially if you have small children or pets;
  • Your pool’s size and shape;
  • Your energy and water conservation goals.


Pool Cover Walnut Creek


Variety of Covers


Pool covers come in three varieties: mesh, solar and vinyl. Mesh and micromesh covers make an ideal choice for long term needs. These covers keep out debris while allowing water in and preventing rain water from accumulating on the top of the cover. However, mesh covers can’t support the weight of a person, and therefore do not provide additional safety.


Solar covers work great for short term needs. They float on top of the pool and prevent both heat loss and water evaporation, making them perfect for energy conservation. Like mesh covers, though, they do not provide any additional defense against accidentally falling in the pool.


The most common type of pool cover is a vinyl cover with a layer of thin insulation between two layers of vinyl. These covers help conserve energy and lock out all debris and water, making cleaning your pool much easier. They also provide additional safety since many of these covers can hold the weight of a person and prevent them from falling into your pool and drowning.


AquaTech combines the best aspects of all three covers and provides a safety cover, solar cover and both long and short term protection in a single pool cover system.  As you decide what cover is best for your pool, look no further than AquaTech to get the best pool cover available to Bay Area and other Northern California residents.