Bubble Covers in San Bruno, CA

Bubble covers are a new development and can look a little strange They do not look like standard pool covers but they are worth investing in. Bubble covers are the best way to keep your pool warm and clear from debris, so you can dive in whenever you want. In San Bruno, the weather can change from one day to the next, so having a reliable pool cover is advised to protect your investment and your pool.

Bubble Covers in San Bruno, CA

Solar bubble covers are made from revolutionary technology that works by trapping the sun’s heat in tiny bubbles. This stored heat is then transferred to the water so you don’t have to worry about diving into icy waters. The bubbles should always be face down when you lay the cover out so as to ensure heat is transferred efficiently. The bubbles also help to trap heat from the pool during the day, keeping the water warm on even the coldest days. Many people mistakenly install the covers with the bubbles facing up, thinking they need to face the sun. This does trap some heat but the transfer to the water from this position will take longer. Directly facing the sun could also result in damage to the bubbles so facing them downward protects the cover so it will last longer. If they overheat, they are not able to transfer to the water as efficiently, and your water will remain cooler for longer.

The weather in San Jose can get cold during the winter months but the sun is out most of the time. This makes it advantageous to have a solar bubble cover. Even if it is too cold to go swimming, the cover can soak up the sun’s rays and store heat for your water. In addition to keeping your water warm, the cover also protects the pool from debris and dirt that will dirty the water and potentially clog or damage equipment. It is important to note that bubble covers are not an adequate measure of safety. If you have pets and children, you should look to invest in a pool safety fence as well. Bubble covers provide minimal protection in terms of keeping people from drowning as they cannot hold much weight. Make sure you invest in additional precautions for your loved ones.


Your pool is an investment and we understand that you want to take care of it. Reach out to us today about installing a solar bubble cover and we will help find just what you need.



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