Having a fire pit near your swimming pool adds an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation to space. It is a great place to entertain friends, share memories, and have conversations, especially after an afternoon or evening of swimming. Fire pits are perfect for summer evenings and colder winter nights and make perfect accessories to pool areas. There are several things to consider when you want to build a poolside fire pit.

Why Build A Poolside Firepit?

  • Decorative or functional: Will the fire pit be a gathering for people to relax and share stories or will it be used for light cooking. Decorative fire pits can add ambiance and enhance the poolside area and the options for design are endless. Functional fire pits go beyond decor and incorporate the ability to also toast marshmallows. Functional fire pits can range from smaller tabletop designs to fire brick ovens, depending on just how much you want to do with it.
  • Designs: Poolside fire pits are more attractive when they are customized with specific features that complement the pool. Not only do you want a venue for relaxing but a certain amount of attention-grabbing features are important.
  • Water features: Fire and water contrast each other beautifully and a fire pit that incorporates water will perfectly compliment your pool. Fire bowls that shoot water over swimmers or a flowing fountain trickling over a towering stone fire pits are ideal for combining fire and water features.
  • Ring of fire: Surrounding your guests with fire is a great alternative to a traditional fire pit, and invites warmth with a more dramatic experience. A path of flickering tabletop fire pits creates a memorable meal or the most tempting trail towards an inviting pool.
    Metal-forged artwork: Surrounding your pool with decorative metal forges sculptures, especially those with an aquatic them is another great way to combine fire and water. The sculptures are even more dramatic when surrounded by fire pit globes.
  • Burning material: Once you have the design, you need to pick the materials to be used. Your choice will depend on local availability as well as personal preference, but the design itself also influences the burning material. Fire pits close to water may have restrictions as to fuel sources as gas lines cannot always be installed, and just how close the water is to the fire pit can be an issue too.
  • Wood: Crackling wood always generates nostalgia and relaxation, but it is not always a good idea of fire pits or globes that are close to the pool.
    Propane: This green fuel is a great option for the environmentally friendly and is easy to use without running gas lines.
  • Gas: Natural gas is also environmentally friendly and easy to use. You will have to install a gas line initially which requires work and may not be possible with poolside areas, but in the long run, is cheaper than propane.
  • Inner material: You will want to choose an inner material that best matches the ambiance and compliments the vibe of your pool area and yard. The most common inner materials used for poolside fire pits are:
  • Stone pebbles: These give a tranquil and natural feel but hey can impede the flow of gas because of their small size
  • Lava rocks: Lava rocks create an exotic feel but are not practical for all poolside fire pits. These porous rocks allow gas to seep through but they are not to be used on fire pits with water/fire features.
  • Glass rocks: These rocks are relatively new to fire pit design ad they touch of elegance as they naturally sparkle in the light and will mesmerize your guests as the flames flicker against the glass.

Final thoughts

Once you have decided to build a poolside fire pit you can find the right materials, fillers and gas sources best suited for the design you want. It is important to design a fire pit that matches the landscape you already have otherwise it can look out of place and uninviting. Please call us today to help design and install your poolside fire pit, we have the options and materials you want and the expertise to get you the fire pit you have been dreaming about.

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