Owning a home is a dream come true for many people. Whether the home is in the city, in the suburb or on a ranch, owning one gives the home owner peace of mind as well as a sense of success. When buying a home, majority of people would want theirs to be accessorized with a beautiful landscape, a stunning backyard, a well designed home, serene neighborhood and the best security.

There are home owners who would want their home to have a pool but before signing on the dotted line, it’s wise to know what you are getting into.

Safety codes to adhere to

To ensure safety of the home owner and other family members, there are safety codes that must be adhered to for homes with a pool. Currently there are no federal regulations but you most likely to have a local safety code to keep in mind.

  • Depending on your local pool safety regulations you might need to install a pool safety fence
    • This barrier should be constructed to surround the swimming pool area and obstruct unauthorized access to the pool.
    • This pool fence should be more than 4 feet high (please check your local regulations for more)
  • Homes with a swimming pool could also have an alarm installed which has the following capabilities.
    • Detect a person entering the pool water from any point or surface
    • The alarm should be audible in the home and around the pool area
    • The alarm should not be located on a person

Entrapment protection for home swimming pools and spas

In many municipalities it is mandatory to  install suction outlets, dual drain separation and pool cleaner fittings for swimming pools and spas.

Cost of a pool

When you own a pool you will need regular maintanence. Chemicals, cleaning, equipment will add to your costs.

When the pool is damaged, you will have to fork money in order to have it repaired.


Swimming pool maintenance

  • Pool water testing – this should be done every few weeks in order to determine the pH levels of the water.
  • Pool water level- the water level should be optimum always as it helps to make a difference between fun in the sun and a pool area disaster.
  • Filter maintenance– proper maintenance of the filter will enable you to enjoy a backyard or indoor paradise.

If you are currently living or intending to move to California, it is important to know that the state is experiencing water shortage. As a home owner with a pool, there are tips that will help you save on water.

  • Invest in a pool cover as it will help to reduce evaporation rate.
  • Plant trees around the pool area to prevent evaporation by wind
  • Test for leaks