Pool Care

28 10, 2017

Price Difference Between Vinyl Liner, Concrete And Fiberglass Pools

  One regular question on online forums is; what is the price difference between concrete, fiberglass and vinyl pools? The reason is that it becomes a challenge when searching for information on pools. Here we’ll talk about the pros and cons of concrete pools, vinyl liner pools, and fiberglass pools. Vinyl Liner Pools Advantages When [...]

14 10, 2017

How To Find The Source Of The Leak in a Swimming Pool?

Swimming pool repair products make it quite easy to fix your pool and save hassle, time, and money. It may not be any leaks because pools sometimes lose water naturally due to evaporation from the sun and water splash-outs especially in sunny California. When you have to add more than two inches of water to [...]

30 01, 2017

6 Cool Trends In Swimming Pool Design and Technology

It’s arguably true that swimming pools play a crucial part in actualizing the dreams of most people. Year after year, there are new swimming pool trends. The most common trends for swimming pools are seen in shapes, styles, landscaping, and changing manufacturing techniques. The design trends are constantly evolving as new technology, materials, and pool [...]

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