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15 02, 2019

Read This Before Buying An Automatic Pool Cover in San Jose, CA

Despite changing the weather in San Jose, many homes have pools. Owning a pool is very enjoyable and relaxing but also comes with big responsibilities. Routine pool maintenance can be a chore, but it is a necessity to ensure that your pool is safe for use by loved ones and guests. Accidental drownings are avoidable [...]

30 03, 2016

Which One? Automatic Or Manual Pool Cover? – Make An Informed Choice

  We all need pool covers to ensure that dirt and debris doesn't collect in the pool and also protect the water from the daily dust flowing in the air. But much more important than that would be the fact that a pool cover also acts a necessary safety precaution. In fact, in some cities [...]

24 02, 2016

New Swimming Pool Restrictions Because Of The Drought

California has been a location where swimming pools are always popular but there is now restrictions on those who own a pool and are allowed to fill their swimming pools. This new restriction has been put in place since a drought has developed within the area of California. This has taken place in a number [...]

27 01, 2016

How Effective Pool Covers Are To Reduce Evaporation?

Effectiveness of Pool Covers to Reduce Evaporation study On Pool Covers A NEW STUDY finds that pool covers (bubble cover, foam cover, solid track cover) were all relatively identical and reduced evaporation by around 95%. This means that covering your pool is  very efficient when it comes to water conservation and this should be considered when you own [...]

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