Having a swimming pool in your backyard is nice, especially when it’s hot outside. A swimming pool adds equity to the value of your home and it makes a great feature if you ever want to sell your home. One area that often gets neglected when installing a pool, is the fence. This is important for the safety of children, family members, friends, and any unexpected situations that happen.

There are various types of pool fencing available and it can be hard to determine what pool fence will work the best for you. In order to select the perfect pool fence, there are certain considerations you need to make before you make your final decision. Here are a few things you can do to help make an educated decision about the type of pool fencing to buy.

Do Research for Your Pool Fence

Doing research is a vital component and you should take your time doing your homework. Installing a pool fence based on a lower price or looks could end up costing more in the end when you have to replace it. When doing your research give consideration to the types of materials that pool fences are made of. Some of the most common ones are: wood, metal, mesh, plastic, and glass.

  • Wood: looks good with any house and they’re popular for safety and privacy.
  • Metal: a popular choice for a lot of homeowners because metal fences have a long duration.
  • Mesh: designed to be easily removable and a great option if your pool is seasonal or temporary.
  • Plastic: will last a long time and requires very low maintenance which makes them a popular choice.
  • Glass: designed to be a permanent fixture and offers excellent protection.

Your research should include going online and finding a reputable fencing contractor that sells quality fencing. Depending on the type of pool fence you’re considering, certain types of pool fencing materials and warranties could be voided if the installation is not done according to the manufacturer’s guidelines outlined in the owners manual. Some sites will offer only sales of the fence and some sites will offer sales but will have professional installers available.

Make a Decision Based on Your Options

Once all of your research is done it’s time to make a decision based on the options that are available to you and based on what best suits your needs and your budget. Are you installing the fence yourself or are you hiring professional installers? Most fencing companies will give you a quote over the phone, however, you need to remember that these are rough estimates and you may end up paying more.

If you’re hiring a professional fencing contractor, you don’t want any surprises or unexpected expenses. You should have the contractor come to your location to do a full inspection of where the fence is going to be installed and to test the ground. Is there any foreign matter under the topsoil like boulders, electrical wiring, water lines, septic systems, and natural gas lines? All of these will play a factor in the estimate and installation of the fence. It’s best to know what’s in the ground before you proceed.

Security Measures

Your decision should also be based on added security measures. Protecting your children should be the number one priority for any homeowner with a pool. By building a fence that’s at least 4ft tall, you will prevent most children from being able to scale the fence. There’s also the option of installing a gate to the entrance to the pool that will shut with an electronic lock. Some electronic gates have alarms that tell you when the gate has been opened and closed.

Find a fence that compliments your backyard and more importantly, one that is strong and durable enough to keep people from entering your pool when you’re not home. Owning a pool is a huge liability for homeowners and you can protect yourself from accidents by having a pool fence installed. For more information on quality pool fencing products and services please feel free to visit our reputable site and get the protection your family deserves.

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