Common Pool Cover Problems

As with anything, pool covers need to be cared for and require regular maintenance. Even when you do clean and care for the cover regularly, they can still experience problems. We understand that your automatic pool cover is an investment so we want to help you make sure it lasts. There are a few common pool cover problems that pool owners will experience, and luckily there are also solutions and prevention tips to help you out.

Hole in the Cover

Tree branches can fall and cause holes or toys and equipment can fall onto the pool cover causing damage. It is common for pool covers to get holes and tears throughout their lifespan and if left untreated, serious damage and injury can occur. You want to make sure your cover provides the safety it is designed for, so addressing these holes needs to be a priority. It is also possible for water will pool on top of the cover and over time the additional weight can damage and tear the cover material. If it has not been raining, then it is likely there is already a tear in the cover that you need to identify. If you have a cover pump that runs regularly and you notice water pooling, this is also a sign of a hole or tear

Most holes can be fixed with a simple patch kit, which will likely be included when you buy the cover. They are also easy to obtain from most pool supply stores. We match the patch to the color of your cover and use industry-tested vinyl cement that restores the cover to its original integrity and strength. If you notice a rip longer than 3 inches or a hole bigger than 2 inches in diameter, you should contact a pool service professional to help you take care of it.

Crooked Cover

A crooked cover may still open and close, it really is a threat to the safety of you and your guests. There are a number of reasons why your cover can become crooked and understanding the reason can help you devise a solution. The pool cover can be overstressed and you can determine this by checking the key switch indicator of the mechanism. A blinking red light means you have a stressed cover. Too much water on the surface of the cover can cause it to run crooked, so pump the water away to restore balance to your cover.

Debris can collect on top of the cover just as water does. If it happens to collect on the tracks it can damage the motors and your cover will run crooked. You may also risk damage to the entire mechanism. Wash away debris regularly from the tracks using a hose and make sure you remove all toys or objects from the cover before opening and closing to prevent crooked tracks.

The cover won’t Move

Nothing will put an end to your fun day at the pool than a cover that won’t move. Even when you use the key the cover may be stuck and this is likely because of a disconnected power source. If the key switch indicator is not green, then there is a power source disconnection that you need to check. If you notice the pool cover is turning but not moving, or if the motor is humming but not turning, then you are looking at a mechanical issue that will need professional service.

If your cover will not open or close all the way and is stopping halfway across the pool there are a few possible reasons. The tracks could be blocked by debris, so you will need to use a hose to wash the tracks. The rope reels may have become tangled under the lid. If you are able to do so, untangle the ropes, but if not, call a pool technician to come to help you out. The cover may get stuck of too much water is on top, so remove excess water with your cover pump and leave the pump on even after the lid is closed.

Finally, your pool cover may not close at all and remains open. The likely culprit is that the cover is off its track. Check the green light indicator first to make sure the power source is connected. If it is on and the cover is still stuck in an open position, then it may have been opened too far and has come out of the track. You need to call for pool service to come and put the cover back on its tracks.


Your pool and pool cover are an investment and we want to help you get the most out of both. Enjoy your pool all year long by taking care of your cover, so it can take care of you and your pool in return. For any concerns or pool cover problems, please contact us today.


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