When swimming pool water gets heated, it becomes unbearable and boring to use and it becomes cumbersome for people to use it. Handling heated swimming pool water may be stressful especially when you really need to cool off; this is often the case due to various factors like damaged swimming pool heaters. Though it is easy to replace or switch off the heaters, it turns out difficult to control other pool water heaters like the natural temperature. As a result, you ought to learn strategies to help you cope with the situation, in order to avoid boredom or even owning a dormant pool.

In situations where your swimming pool water is heated, you should consider deploying various swimming pool features like an aerator. The swimming pool water fountain is cheap to install and manage. It helps control warm swimming pool water by spraying the warm water from the pool into the air, which in turn returns to the pools in a repeated circular motion. In the process of spraying the water into the air, some water evaporates into the air, while the rest drops down into the pool after a short exposure to cool air. Besides, some of the evaporated water also drops back to the pool and cools the rest of the water in the swimming pool after it condenses.

Besides, you should consider running the swimming pool fountain at night, as it is usually more efficient compared to daytime. The air is usually cooler at night, and as a result, your warm pool is likely to cool faster and get ready for use during the day. The cooling water also enhances the fun of swimming, and it also makes it more enjoyable.

On the other hand, you should also consider installing a pool cooler to help solve your warm pool water problems. The pool cooler resembles the typical heating system, and it is wise to seek trained personnel to install it for you. It is very effective in cooling the water, but expensive to install and manage. The pool cooler functions by cooling the warm water whenever it flows through it. The fun in the cooler conducts the cooling and then allows the fresh water back to the basin, which in turn lowers the high temperatures of the warm water in the pool. With the fast circulation process, the water in your pool cools more quickly and gets ready to use within a brief period.

You can also take other measures to cool your warm swimming pool water like installing misters. By installing the misters along a wall, they quickly cool your warm water and ensure that it does not retain heat from the environment. Nevertheless, you can build a shelter around the swimming pool to prevent the water from direct sunlight that plays a role in raising the pool’s temperature. The shade from the shelter also acts as a relaxation point for anyone who wishes to do so. Lastly, building a tower using a fan, ice and pipes will act as a temporary means of cooling the pool.


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