covers for existing pools
Even if you have had a pool for a few years, it is never too late to upgrade. You may already have a cover in place but are considering a new one because of all the recent advances made in pool safety. No matter what shape or size your pool is, we can offer a pool cover for you. The time has come for automated pool cover systems, and we have the right one for your pool.

Pool covers are essential for protecting those you love. Children and pets are curious and can fall in if you are not around. Pool covers are also the best way to protect your pool from debris that gets thrown around on a windy day. By keeping out dirt, debris, and leaves, you can save on maintenance costs as well as overall operating costs. Having a cover in place reduces evaporation so your pool conserves water and requires fewer chemicals.

automatic-pool-coversFor those who think opening and closing a pool cover is a hassle, automated covers are the perfect solution. You need an AUTOMATIC POOL COVER. Automated covers come in various design options to match the aesthetics of your yard and décor. Customizations can be easily made to create a lid that blends perfectly with the pool style.

It is never too late to get a cover for your pool. We understand that when the pool was installed, this may not have been in your budget or on your to-do list. No need to worry, however, because we have the solution for you. The mechanisms we offer for automated pool covers are specifically designed to add easily to existing pools.

conceals motor

Our Universal Tracks systems can be used for rectangular vinyl-lined or fiberglass pools and the low-profile guides run parallel to the deck so they are not an intrusion or eye-sore. You can also choose our recessed track option which is perfect for when your pool requires a surface-mounted track. These tracks are placed along the pool edge and sit flush with the deck surface.

We also install a bench system to conceal the motor and mechanism. The attractive housing is durable and easy to install and requires very little maintenance. You can also get a more streamlined look by housing the cover mechanism in an enclosure that is recessed below the pool deck. This is usually better when done before pool construction begins but we can still recess the mechanism for you on an existing pool. We also offer a variety of lid options so you can achieve a more seamless look.

If you own a pool, you need to have a cover for the safety of friends and family as well as to protect the pool. Your pool was an investment so you need to take care of it. Even if you did not get a cover installed when your pool was built, we have the automated solutions to get your pool safe and secure today.

covers for pools

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