You finally have your new pool and cannot wait to show your friends and family. As fun as it is to have a pool, safety needs to be your top priority. Before you schedule that backyard party, make sure you invest in security measures to keep your loved ones safe. The best safety measure to get first is a pool cover.’

Pool covers not only protect your loved ones from accidental drowning, but they also protect your pool from unwanted debris. The weather can throw trash, dirt, and leaves around all day long but your pool will stay nice and clear under the protection of a cover which helps you with maintenance. Having a pool cover also brings you a return on your investment.

Covers reduce evaporation which means your pool conserves water and requires fewer chemicals. All of these save you on operating costs in the long run. You can also choose a 3-in-1 cover that provides safety and acts as a solar cover as well as a winter cover, delivering you multiple benefits in one easy to use the system. Having a pool cover reduces your overall operational costs and reduces the wear and tear placed on your pool filtration systems.

covers for new poolsThe reason most people void pool covers is because they think it will be a hassle to remove every time the pool is used. Luckily, the perfect solution is also an easy one; get an automatic cover.

Automatic pool covers come in various design options so you can match them with the aesthetics of your yard and décor. The latest automatic cover systems were developed to be seamlessly integrated into the pool design. The custom deck lid brackets help your pool builder to create a lid that blends perfectly with the pool style.

Our pool covers are made from reinforced polyester mesh material so they are tear resistant and provide maximum durability all year round. You can choose from a variety of material colors, so your pool cover can match the current décor of your yard. Covers can also be customized with powder coating to provide extra durability should you live in an area of unpredictable weather.

Automatic pool covers come with your choice of accessories to help keep maintenance simple for you

• Automatic water removal pump to help remove any accumulated water from the surface.

• Easy roller which can reduce cover friction and residual water pooling, both of which prevent excessive wear on the material.

• Ladder hinge for any ladders, slides or handrails. The hinges allow these obstructions to be easily lifted away when the cover is opening and closing.

• Leaf guards provide a decorative covering for the edge leading into the recessed box and are the best way to protect the cover mechanism from debris.

Pool covers are a great way to protect your family although they are not a substitute for supervision when children are playing. Pool covers do offer protection and are a safety measure that every pool owner needs to invest in.

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