AquaTech (Getting an Automatic Pool Cover in San Jose)

The Coronavirus pandemic is not a good thing, but some good can come out of it. The summer is here. Memorial Day has passed and you want to celebrate the warm weather and summer vibes. The economic and psychological impact of COVID-19 has been huge. But, there is some light. What do COVID-19 and the economy changes mean for swimming pools? Public pools have been closed for an indefinite amount of time. Beaches are also closed or limiting visitors. These are the top places to be in the summer months. This means, having a pool is the best option. Creating your own staycation can get you through this pandemic.

Create Your Own Staycation During Coronavirus

There is a great deal of uncertainty right now. Nobody knows how long the beaches will be closed or travel will be restricted. The loss of summer travel plans is devastating to people. With less travel as an option, you can opt for staycations instead. And this means getting a pool. What better way to create your own summer fun and to shine a light on the COVID-19 negativity. Pool companies are taking note of the increased numbers of families looking to install pools. Finances that otherwise would have gone towards a family trip or cruise are now being invested in the home. Making the home a fun place to be for the summer is a top priority among homeowners. And pools are a big part of this fun.

The big question that comes up is whether people will want to spend money in light of all the economic uncertainty. The answer is yes because life must go on. People are already restricted by the virus, but their livelihood does not have to disappear completely. It is expected that spending on luxury items will increase as a way of people trying to make their restricted lives better. While it is not believed that this pandemic will lead to a recession as severe as the one of 2009, it does give us cause for reevaluation. It was because of the recession that many seeds of innovation and greatness were planted in companies all over the world. We are looking to embrace this and to make the best of the situation. That includes building online presences and support with goals of:

  • Making our customers happier than ever before
  • Trimming the excess fat of our business that does not contribute to the success
  • Focusing every day on learning and education
  • Listening to our ideal prospects and customers
  • Mastering our trade
  • Improving our business model

Final thoughts

The current situation is surrounded by uncertainty. The question marks over our heads can be scary, but with focus and drive, people and businesses can get through. As the leading expert in pools and spas, we are here for you and will help you beast the heat together. More than that, we will support each other through unexpected times, so everyone is prosperous on the other side.

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