luxury pool liners in san francisco bay areaChoosing an eco-friendly lifestyle does not mean depriving oneself. It is possible to find eco-friendly pool supplies in particular. Pools can use a lot of water and energy, not to mention the chemicals that it takes to keep them clean. However, all of those characteristics can be modified in some way. Some people are actually choosing natural pools that more or less regulate themselves in order to get around some of these problems. Other people are keeping their pools clean with moss and other natural items. However, even conventional pools can be made eco-friendly.

Pool Covers

People will usually want to keep their pools heated. However, heating pools takes a lot of energy. Pool covers can be used to help people retain a good portion of that heat and energy, thus allowing them to save on the fuel that they would use to heat the pools. Some pool covers are more or less able to heat the pool in their own right, at least to some extent. If pools are covered when they’re not in use, they will avoid losing heat.

Solar Pool Cover Paolo Alto

Sanitation Systems

Pools require a lot of harsh chemicals in order to stay clean, and these chemicals are going to take their toll on the environment. However, these chemicals are not strictly necessary. People can find other ways to keep their pools clean. They can use specialized sanitation systems that eliminate the waste of pools without using chlorine and other strong and toxic chemicals.


Lots of people have leaks in their pools without even knowing it, and they are wasting water in the process of managing those pools. Fixing one of these leaks can save gallons upon gallons of water. It is also true that fixing one of these leaks is important when it comes to the maintenance and the durability of a pool overall.