You have finally done it. Your backyard is complete with a neighbor-envy sized pool that you intend to enjoy as much as possible. Although stunning and beautiful the way it is, you realize the importance of having a secure fence. After spending heaps of time sorting through pool shapes, sizes, designs and accent colors, you can now get ready to do it all again – for your fence.


Yes, you can actually choose the size, color and design of the fence that surrounds your beautiful swimming area. Long gone are the days of plain wire and unattractive gates. Modern times call for modern solutions which, luckily for those who have spent a fortune installing a new pool, includes modern fence materials.


Working with us means being offered a selection of choices that are meant to make you happy – as well as comply with local laws. For the purpose of complete safety, installing a fence is necessary. That is why choosing a fence design that suits your outside décor is equally as important as the many other choices you’ve made regarding your pool.


When we say design we’re not referring to designer. Unfortunately we do not carry pool fences made by Ralph or Martha, nor can we offer you an HGTV version designer gate that will amplify the neighbor envy you so badly hope for. We can however, offer you spiffy designs in ecstatic materials in combination with your choice of height, and yes, even your choice of color.


If you’re not really into ecstatic materials or candid colors, you can always opt for mainstream black or brown in mesh. These are the two most popular colors of backyard pool fencing that blend easily with almost any décor you have. If you want to stick with mainstream but get a little fancy, why not consider brown poles with a black mesh. You can rest assured that no matter what color poles or mesh you install, your neighbors will be starring at your new sparkling pool instead.