Fencing is one of the ways that most people use to enhance security either at home or work place. This has resulted to the rise of several fencing mechanisms. Manufacturers have come up with various types of fences. These fences are made either of rod, glass, mesh, wood or other metal. It is however important to carry out a research on the best fence for you before purchasing.

The glass pool fence fence has currently been adopted by many people simply because it looks classy. This has resulted to a situation where the glass pool fencing has been preferred over the mesh pool fencing. The mesh pool fencing on the other hand is popular because of its safety features. The glass fence can be completely transparent as opposed to the mesh pool fencing. Black color mesh is the most transparent and very transparent as well.

glass-pool-fencingFor Aquatech Pool Systems the most important is pool safety. Which is why we always tell our costumers to choose mesh pool fencing instead of glass. Here is why:

  1. The mesh fence is stronger as opposed to the glass fence. In addition to this the fence can be used even where there are children since there is no risk of breaking it as opposed to the glass fencing.
  2. The mesh fencing is durable since it does not wear out easily. In addition to this the mesh fence is can be used to restrict the movement of children especially in an area that is not supervised.
  3. The mesh fence is attractive and can make your pool area beautiful. Although the glass fence looks more transparent it only remains attractive for the first number of days. Then it gets dirty. Have you ever owned glass tables? You need to clean them all the time. Now imagine getting splashed by pool water, bugs and the elements each day.
  4. The mesh fence cost less compared to the glass fence. The maintenance fee is also cheaper.
  5. Children love to climb. Glass pool fences can be climbed easily. Our mesh pool fence has no top cross bar, it is very difficult for kids to climb over our mesh fence.

It is evident that the mesh pool fencing is the best type of fencing that is suitable for around the pool. Glass pool fencing has only one advantage which is the popularity gained by people who believe that it is classy.