Drought In in San Rafael CA

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Areas of California have been hit with extremely warm weather in the past years which is adding to the drought. It’s been more than four decades since an extreme drought has hit California and scientists are leaning more and more to the culprit, human-caused global warming. California Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered mandatory water conservation measures in the State of California. If the citizens don’t agree upon the restrictions put in place and actively pursue a positive, healthy environment, many areas are going to be in serious trouble within just a couple of years.

San Rafael, like many cities in California, is being damaged by the drought and has the State Water Resources Control Board making some very hard decisions. Specialists have predicted that rainfall will be absent as in recent years, so the reservoir system will not be able to provide the necessary water for agricultural users.

Similarly, rainfall creates the runoff of melted snow peaks in the mountains nearby and provides the necessary flow of water into the streams and rivers. Without rain, they will dry up affecting the ecosystem drastically.

There has been also a petition with over 135,000 signatures asking Nestlé to stop bottling water in California.  The California-based Courage Campaign started this online petition and the goal is to stop misuses of water in California. “This corporation is taking water, bottling it and reselling it to people in California during a drought” said Eddie Kurtz, the executive director of Courage Campaign. Nestlé isn’t the only company that sells groundwater in the state. Pure Flo, located in the foothills of San Diego, says it takes water from the ground, bottles it and sells it to residents.

The following restrictions are in place for San Rafael, CA, Marin County:

  1. No watering yards and/or landscaping between the hours of 9am – 7pm, unless necessary testing needs to be done
  2. No washing of cars without a shout-off valve on the nozzle
  3. No spraying with a hose of driveways, walkways or sidewalks
  4. No watering of landscapes or yards within 48 hours of substantial rainfall


At the beginning of April, Governor Jerry Brown agreed to implement more rules and restrictions for many cities including San Rafael. The details are being discussed and will be put into place around May, 2015.

It’s important for the community as a whole to cut their water usage on a daily basis. Without water, the community will dissolve, it’s as simple as that.


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