How Effective Pool Covers Are To Reduce Evaporation?

Effectiveness of Pool Covers to Reduce Evaporation study On Pool Covers

A NEW STUDY finds that pool covers (bubble cover, foam cover, solid track cover) were all relatively identical and reduced evaporation by around 95%. This means that covering your pool is  very efficient when it comes to water conservation and this should be considered when you own a swimming pool.

It is very important especially in Northern California that we focus on conserving the water supply.  It was important to test the different rates of evaporation within a variety of swimming pool covers depending on different factors.

Who did the study?

The study was carried out by Misgana Muleta, who owns a PHD and works in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Polytechnic State University in California. The study was also helped by members of the NPC and the board of directors who are involved in this. This includes Dr. Rakesh Goel, who carries out engineering at the Polytechnic State University in California. He was instrumental in coordinating the project. A professional pool operator known is Mr Stephen Riley was also involved and operated the monitoring of the quality of the water and the balance of the chemicals.

Why this study was created?

It has been found that there is now a water drought in areas of California and it is therefore important to think about water conservation when using devices such as pool covers. Pool covers can be extremely effective at conserving water and there are now many different models of pool cover that are currently on offer throughout the market. Testing these effectively would help to determine which are most suitable.

Who paid for the study?

The study was paid for and sponsored by the NPC which stands for national plasterers council. Several members on the board of the NPC were also extremely involved in the study and this helped to coordinate the project effectively. This included monitoring at a quality level, as well as overseeing the operation of each pool and the cleaning that took place.

What kinds of pool covers were tested?

A number of different pool covers were tested and this included solar covers, bubble covers, foam covers, solid track covers, liquid evaporation suppressant b covers and liquid evaporation suppressant a covers.

How they were tested?

The covers were tested by measuring water loss through a number of different tests and this would include any damage that had been caused to the covers through cracks and plumbing issues that may have happened when the tests were carried out.


Please see the Effectiveness of Pool Covers to Reduce Evaporation study On Pool Covers