In this day and age, in order to avoid fines and other legal actions from taking place, there are specific requirements that need to be met for an in-ground pool to get an ‘okay’ in every aspect from the county you reside in. Due to numerous swimming-pool-related incidents, having a fence around the in-ground pool has become a must in most counties. The connected pool decking also has to meet several requirements. In order to avoid any issues from arising, we suggest you take note of the following information.

The 411 on Fence for In-Ground Pool

In the majority of counties, pools that are more than 18-inches deep must have a fence installed all around it. It is important to highlight that a private pool does not have identical requirements in pool decking as a public pool would. Even so, the private pools do need to follow specific requirements. If a person plans on structuring enclosure out of masonry more than 3.5 feet high, an additional permit will be required. On the other hand, an additional permit is not needed if the fence is going to be built of cast iron, chain-link, or another type of material. When it comes to choosing a material for your fence, it will all depend on your preference. There are some materials more durable than others; thus, make sure to acquire information on the durability of the material that garnered your attention.

In the majority of counties, the fence must be at least four feet high. It can be higher, but it cannot surpass the height limit stated by the county the in-ground pool is located in. The connected pool decking is required to be at least four feet wide. Not only that, but it must be made of non-abrasive and slip-resistant material, flush with the top of the pool wall and built around the pool. When building your fence, unless you have experience in the field of building fences for pools, it is best that you leave it in the hands of a professional who has meaningful experience undertaking this type of task and has numerous positive reviews from the community. It is vital that you have a fence that is difficult for children to climb over. This will depend a lot on the material that you opt for. Make sure that there are no handholds or footholds present, as this could make it super simple for children to climb up.

The Door of the Fence: An Important Element That Should Not Be Overlooked

The door of the fence itself also has to meet certain requirements. An exit alarm is a feature that doors that have access from home to swimming pool must have in order for there to be a sound notification present to the homeowner when the door has been opened. As previously mentioned, there have been a lot of accidents that have occurred, especially involving children, due to this alarm being absent or due to not having a fence present at all. An exit alarm comes in handy, especially for those individuals who have children. Entry points that are coming from garages to pools must come accompanied with a self-latching and self-closing device, placed at least 54-inches above floor or pool and covered with power safety cover. It has been noted that there have been some in-ground pool owners who have overlooked this element, as they believe that due to not having kids around, it is not a necessity to have. This is very far from the truth. There might an intoxicated guest present or even an intruder, hence why this alarm is a must have, no matter what.

Avoid Pet Doors

If possible, avoid having pet doors, because it has been noted that a lot of children and pets have drowned due to crawling through them and thus having easy access to the pool. It is best for pets to enter the pool area through the door utilized by their owners. This might seem like a not-so-crucial step to undertake, but it certainly is if you take a look at recent reports. The number of incidents that have occurred due to not having this type of door is grand. It is quite unfortunate; therefore, do not let this suggestion slide.

Consider Underwater Pool Alarm

If possible, you should go the extra mile and install an underwater pool alarm so that you can be notified whenever someone enters the pool. Ensure that the sound of the alarm differs from the sounds of other alarms present in your household. Just as you would do with any other alarm, remember to put it to the test every now and then to make sure that it functions correctly.

Implement Safety Drain Covers

There are other important solutions that you should not think twice about implementing to ensuring your pool area is a safe environment for everybody. You should go ahead and install safety drain covers. There are some drains that have a powerful suction which could trap children and even adults in some instances. To avoid entrapments from taking place, it is crucial to keep children away from pool pipes and drains. Even you as an adult should avoid being near pipes and drains. Contrary to popular belief, safety drain covers are not expensive. They are quite affordable. We recommend purchasing several to keep some of them in reserve.

Keep a Close Eye on Children at All Times

Another suggestion you should take into account is to ensure children are always supervised when near the pool area, even if there is a fence or an alarm present of the highest quality. It is always better to prevent than lament. Children should never be left unattended because they tend to be very impatient and thus move around a lot. They do not know right from wrong.

U.S. Coast Guard Life Jacket: A Must for Anyone Who Does Not Know How to Swim

When opting to have a pool, it is vital for everybody to know how to swim. Those individuals who do not know how to swim should wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket. If your child is just learning how to swim, make sure he or she has this jacket on at all times while in or near the pool.

Keep Rescue Equipment Around & Implement Strict Rules

Keeping rescue equipment near the pool is definitely a smart move to consider. It is also a smart move to implement pool rules, including no diving, no running, no pushing, and no pool dip-in without an adult present. Make sure that you follow every home pool safety rule, insist everybody swims with a buddy, not allow intoxicated guests anywhere near pool, removing diving boards, protecting uninvited guests, and ensuring homeowner’s policy includes coverage for any liability lawsuit. These might seem like very strict rules for guests to follow, but they are for their own good, as well as yours.

Keep It Safe!

We highly recommend you take all the aforementioned information into consideration when building your in-ground pool or accommodating it to meet every requirement county has specified. This is the only way you and your loved ones would feel safe at all times while enjoying the relaxation a pool provides.


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