For pool owners it is important to make sure that your pool is a safe environment. Having a fence around the pool will alleviate any possibility of small children going into the pool unattended or even falling in. To decide what type of pool fencing to choose from, you want to make sure that it is sturdy, durable, and safe. Glass pool fencing is the latest fad on the market that has positive and negative aspects. Glass pool fencing vs mesh pool fencing is something to analyze. Mesh pool fencing has been around for several years, but it also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Glass pool fencing gives an elegant appearance to the pool and it is sturdy with its posts driven into the pool deck. This prevents any part of your yard being obstructed by posts and it helps it look larger. There’s no obstruction to the view of the pool from the home. Yet, it is hard to keep clean and the glass can break easily. If someone falls into the glass or runs into it accidentally it can break, causing injury. The glass breaks into small pieces to increase chances of tiny glass being left behind to be stepped on. Even though no child can climb the glass fencing, the glass can still break.


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Mesh pool fencing is removable, but it has many durable posts to place into the ground. This can obstruct the grass or any landscaping around the pool deck. No child can climb the mesh and it has self latching gates to make it easier for an adult to get in, but not a child. Some of the mesh over time may need to be repaired or replaced as it can get holes or patches of worn out mesh. The fencing is also not tension resistant which causes minor adjustments over time.