If you own a swimming pool, then you already have a pretty good idea of a number of chemicals that are generally needed to keep a pool clean and maintained. While this overuse of chemicals such as chlorine has been a standard practice for decades, there has been a shift in recent years of people that want viable alternatives. Consider these choices and suggestions to help get yourself started. As you begin to get the hang of it, you will undoubtedly increase your knowledge and skill about swimming pools and how to maintain yours so it will be a joy to you and others!

The chlorine that is used in regular swimming pool maintenance can create damage to your skin and body. Not only will your eyes turn red, if you have blond hair it may become green with enough exposure to the chemical. As a fantastic alternative, consider transforming your chlorine swimming pool in a saltwater manner. This will allow you to enjoy more comfortable water that is chemical free and gentle to your skin. Not only will this keep your pool cleaner and makes for an inhospitable environment for algae to grow.

If your pool requires heating at some point in the year, you are spending money on resources that cannot be replaced, such as natural gas, electric and propane. Few people today attempt to dispute the reality of climate change and the undeniable truth that the power sources depended on by most of the inhabitants of the planet are going to run out. If you want to take a proactive and environmentally friendly stance in your life, switch the heating source for you swimming pool to solar panels.

Once you have paid for the system, it will cost incredibly little to maintain. You will have a reduction on your power bill each month which will quickly make up for the expense of the panels. If you choose to do this, you should investigate to see if you are able to claim any tax incentives or rebates associated with the purchase. Also, before you hire anyone to take on such an important project, look into the company to see how long they have been in business. Check for things like the type of certifications or related accreditations that the owner, manager or any employees have. Look through their site to see if they also use the chemical alternatives on the market today.

Speaking of solar power, obtaining a solar swimming pool pump is eco-friendly as well. Investigate to ensure you obtain the proper size and use it in conjunction with your traditional pump during off-peak hours. Automate the device so you need not worry about remembering it regularly.

You can lose water each day due to evaporation, particularly during the summer months. To combat this, surround your pool area with stunning shrubs and bushes that will help to create a barrier when the winds are whipping through your neighborhood. Additionally, they improve the breathing quality of the air while providing additional privacy and making the yard more aesthetically pleasing.