holiday decorations for your poolThe holidays are right around the corner which means it is time to get the decorations out. If you have an indoor pool or a heated outdoor pool, chances are it will have a starring role in any of your holiday parties. This means the pool needs to be decorated too. While holiday decorations for the pool are not as common as those for the house, you can still find plenty of ways to deck the pool with holiday cheer.

Holiday Pool Decorations

Inflatable DIY floating decorations are always perfect for a pool. By decorating around the pool with holiday theme lawn décor and inflating some holiday characters for the pool, it will be a watery Winterland in no time. Adding some underwater red or green lights will only make it more festive. In fact, just adding the lights without the decorations will give your pool a little holiday spirit.

With clear casings, waterproof submersible lighting can be used to light the entire pool area. Submersible lights are the best because they blend with the water which creates a lighting effect that illuminates the water. People will think you added food coloring or dye to the pool. Colored lighting technology now can be controlled through your smartphone, so you can switch the colors for every party or a few times a night to keep things festive.

Whether you use lights or inflatables, the pool can be a part of the decorating this year. You can even spray some fake snow around to give off a true winter vibe. With decorations around the pool and the right holiday lighting, your friends and family will be impressed. A holiday-themed pool is the perfect addition to any decorated house.

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