Swimming is one of the most popular activities in the US today. There are a host of benefits you may gain from swimming laps regularly. It works your whole body inside and out and it is perfect for all ages, even great for people with limited mobility. It is a low-impact sport that many people enjoy and when practiced regularly, there is room for improvement. Swimming is also a great activity for cardiovascular exercise and can make you stronger.  Many people use swimming as their main exercise and it is important to engage in it on a regular basis if you want to see improvements and to get stronger and healthier.

You can start with only swimming for 20 minutes per session once a week and increase your time from there to two-three times a week, each time at least one hour. If you do that consistently, I promise you that you will start to see improvements. To track your results, you should use a fitness watch, and need to plan your workout. If you have a certain goal in mind of where you want to be in a certain amount of time, you must commit yourself to do swimming at least 3 times per week, for 60 minutes per swimming session. This can help you build a routine and get the benefits that come with it; more health, strength, leaner body.

Regular exercise will not just be good for your health but will improve your sleep and your mood. Swimming has been shown to make you happier and lift up your spirit. It is an amazing way to lose weight as well. You can burn lots of calories by swimming. An average size person will burn over 400 calories with an hour of average speed swimming.

Swimming is also very affordable. All you need is a bathing suit and access to a nearby swimming pool. Even better if you have your own!  But if you don’t, many community pools offer reasonable rates to join or a daily entrance fee.

Consistency is Key

Swimming training planning is a great approach to take with swimming. It is a focused effort to engage in a training plan for your certain goal. Swimming is an activity that is great for fitness and you can use sets for swimming like interval training programs in the water. Divide the swimming into workout segments and be dedicated to doing it numerous times.

You are only going to see improvements if you are dedicated and build that new swimming habit. If nothing changes then there will be no new results. The results then are up to you and keeping track of your swimming exercise program can be a great place to start. Set clear goals and know where you want to end up with your swimming exercise activities at the end of the day.


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