Most people are excited when they are getting a pool put in their yard; thinking about all the parties and fun to be had. Getting a pool is exciting and should absolutely be enjoyed, but it is important to remember that there is a serious side to pool ownership too. Not only do you have to consider safety precautions for those who will be using the pool, you also need to make sure you have the right insurance coverage. Damages and accidents can be costly, so before you throw the first party, be sure you have adequate coverage under you homeowner’s policy.

AS with any new addition to your life like boats and RVs, adding a pool will cause your insurance to increase. You need to consider this when thinking of getting a pool as well as the costs for maintenance and upkeep. To get the most accurate answers regarding how much your insurance will go up, you need to consult with your insurance company. It is recommended that you do this before getting the pool built.

Insurance for your pool

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers two things; liability against people suing you and coverage for any damage to your home and items on your premises. Having a pool is something separate in terms of insurance coverage. You need your pool to be covered from problems such as storms and severe weather but not all damage is covered. For example damage caused by ice and freeze is not usually covered so be sure that you get your pool properly winterized if you live in col areas.

When it comes to liability, you want to make sure you are protected from being sued if someone were to get hurt while in your pool. Always take the proper pool safety measures and precautions but make sure your liability coverage is increased as well, just to protect your assets. You don’t want to find out the hard way that you didn’t have adequate coverage once someone has already been hurt and is suing you.

Insurance coverage for the pool itself is one thing; there is additional insurance you need to look into. After taking care of the insurance coverage for your pool, you need to consider the pool builder you are using. Make sure that they have proper insurance too before the job even begins. Make sure you also have the right permits in place before construction begins to spare you from any additional charges and costs.

When considering insurance coverage for your pool, there are a few key points you want to go over with your insurance provider:

  • Find out how much your homeowner’s insurance will increase
  • Get an idea of how much liability insurance coverage you should have
  • Ask about additional features like a pool fence and locked gates
  • Find out if your pool builder is bonded and insured

Remember that having a pool is fun, but it is also an investment too. Taking care of insurance is the first step in responsible pool ownership to consider.

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