There really are no simple product choices these days. Almost every single type of product that people can name is part of a large category with many different choices, and pool covers are no exception. Choosing the right pool cover is important for pool owners, since pool covers are important investments in terms of the long-term health and longevity of a pool.

Tie-Down Pool Cover

These are some of the best winter pool covers that money can buy. Maintenance isn’t a problem: people can just let these pool covers sit for seven months in most cases. They form very strong barriers around the pool. Installing them is tough at first, but it’s certainly worth it in the end.

Solar / Thermal Pool Covers

These pool covers are so good at trapping heat and light that people will save a lot of money on heating their pools when they get solar pool covers. These covers are not as good at keeping the debris out of the pool or offering a safe surface for kids or animals that might walk on the cover, but these covers are relatively inexpensive and solid investments from an energy-saving perspective.

Automatic Track-Style Pool Cover

Pool covers like these are very convenient for the people who are constantly taking the covers on and off of their pools. Heat loss and evaporation won’t be anywhere near as much of a problem with track-style pool covers either. However, few pool covers are more expensive than these ones, so people should really consider the value of the benefits. After people spend the additional money installing them, these are some of the most convenient pool covers that people will find today.

Leaf Net Pool Cover

As the name suggests, these are pool covers that were specifically designed to handle the accumulation of leaf debris. The people with outdoor pools who live in heavily wooded areas can benefit from leaf net pool covers, and they might need them more than most people. These pool covers will handle other kinds of debris as well. They can even augment other pool covers, such as solar pool covers, offering additional support.

Safety Pool Covers

People who have kids or pets should get safety pool covers for their sake. These pool covers are expensive and hard to install, but they look good and they’re very worthwhile investments and sources of protection. Maintaining these pool covers is fairly easy these days, and they usually look good and fit well.

Tarp Pool Cover

It’s hard to beat tarp pool covers when it comes to price. These are among the least expensive models on the market. However, these covers are flimsy and will often collapse under the weight of the snow. They will manage to protect a pool from the growth of algae by shielding the area from the sun so photosynthesis cannot occur. These simple and cheap pool covers offer some protection, even if they can’t offer everything to everyone.