step-saver manual pool cover

For customers with a more limited budget, we offer the Step-Saver manual reel cover.  This cover is both suitable and convenient for daily use, and is an affordable substitute for an automatic cover.  This cover provides the same safety benefits at half the price, while using the same track as the Save-T 3 Automatic Cover for track guidance.  With the Step-Saver Manual reel cover, your pool can be covered in less than a minute.

Unlike most manual pool covers, which require at least two people to operate, a single person can easily operate the Step-Saver pool cover.  You can discuss the various customization options with your AquaTech consultant to help you choose the best system for your pool, design, and budget.

The following list provides both standard and optional elements of your Step-Saver manual reel cover:

  • manual-pool-coverLid, Bench, or Mechanism Housing:  Conceals your pool cover mechanism to maintain visual appeal of your pool area.
  • Original turn handle:  Makes removal of the pool cover less demanding or vigorous.
  • Power Wheel™ (optional): Eases removal of your pool cover by allowing operation from inside a recessed housing.
  • Fabric: Eleven standard fabric colors as well as a broad compilation of special-order colors or customized graphics.

 To cover the pool, hold the ropes attached to the leading edge and pull the cover across the pool.

To uncover the pool, turn the crank handle.