Manual Pool Covers in Belmont, CA

Pool covers are a necessity for any pool owner. No matter where you live, owning a pool requires having a cover. Not only do covers provide safety but they keep your pool clean from debris and dirt. You need to take the necessary steps to protect your pool. There are a number of pool covers out there to choose from varying in style, design, and materials. Most people choose between either manual or automatic covers and there are benefits to both.

Manual Pool Covers in Belmont, CA

Despite the convenience of automatic covers, there are a number of important reasons you should consider getting a manual pool too.

  • Protect your pool: The weather in Belmont is moderate but being close to the Bay Area can bring some changes each day. A pool cover is your best way to protect your pool from the elements. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can get into your pool after heavy winds and rainfall which will dirty the water and potentially clog pool equipment. This can lead to damage and expensive repairs and increased maintenance costs. Having a manual pool cover ensures that debris stays out of your pool.
  • Save energy: In addition to saving on maintenance, a manual pool cover will also save energy and chemical use and expenses. A cover helps to keep heat in and prevents water loss through evaporation which occurs in any climate. This means you spend less keeping the water warm, and your energy bills will be lower. With less evaporation, you also require fewer chemicals because you won’t have to recalibrate and re-balance the water as frequently
  • Longer lasting: Manual covers are operated using a crank which may be more work than an automatic cover, but they are less likely to break down. Automatic pool covers can become jammed with debris and once stuck repairs can be costly. Manual coves can also get jammed with debris, but are typically easier to clean out and are only a problem in severe weather.

Final thoughts

In the Belmont area, pool covers are a necessity if you own a pool, not just for safety but to keep your pool water clean. Manual pool covers save you money on maintenance, energy use, and are affordable and easy to install. Manual covers require a little extra effort but are worth it over time.


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