Manual Pool CoverContra Costa County is situated in Northern California and occupies the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay area. The area is primarily suburban and full of residential neighborhoods. As part of the affluent areas of the Bay area, there are numerous housing developments with pools. With Mount Diablo to the west, Contra Costa County is a delightful place to live full of nature and outdoor adventures.

Manual Pool Covers in Contra Costa County

With the most moderate weather, people of this area spend a great deal of time outdoors and this includes time in the pool. As fun as pools are, they are a big responsibility and safety should be a priority for any pool owner. Owning a pool is an investment as well as a place for fun, so you need to take the necessary steps to protect your pool. Pool covers are a necessity for any pool owner. Pool covers come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs for you to match your budget and your yard décor. Typically people choose automatic or manual pool covers, and both have their benefits. The automatic pool covers may be deemed as more convenient but there are many reasons you should choose to get a manual pool cover.

The weather in the greater Bay Area may be moderate, but the close proximity to the coast can cause unexpected shifts. A pool cover is your best way to protect your pool from the elements when this happens. Leaves, dirt, and other forms of debris can make their way into your pool after heavy winds and rainfall. This will not only cloud up the water, but debris can clog and damage your pool equipment. This can lead to expensive repairs and increased maintenance costs. Having a manual pool cover ensures that debris stays out of your pool and money stays in your wallet.

In addition to saving on maintenance, a manual pool cover will also save energy and chemicals. A cover helps to keep heat in that it absorbs during the day and prevents water loss through evaporation. It also traps it there overnight so the water is never too cold. This means you spend less keeping the water warm, and your energy bills will be lower. Less water evaporation also means fewer chemicals are needed as you won’t have to recalibrate and re-balance the pool water as often. Manual covers are operated using a simple crank which requires more manual work but they are less expensive than automatic covers. These manual covers are also less likely to break down. Automatic pool covers can become easily jammed with debris causing them to get stuck. Manual covers are typically the only problem in severe winter weather, but this area does not generally get snow or ice so manual covers are a suitable option.

Final thoughts

Pool covers are a necessity if you own a pool, not just for safety but to keep your pool water clean. Manual pool covers save you money on maintenance, energy use, and are affordable as well as easy to install. Having a pool can be enjoyable as long as you take good care of your pool. Manual covers require a little extra effort to use each time but are worth it in the long run. Call us today to discuss your pool cover options.




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