Manual Pool Covers

Original Turn Handle

Turning The Manual Pool Cover

Our standard turn handle system makes retraction of the pool cover on a standard sized pool a less strenuous task than “anchor” type covers.


Additional Customization

Your Step-Saver® manual pool cover system is an economical alternative to an automatic pool cover, made especially for your pool. EachOriginal Step Saver Pool Cover Step-Saver system includes standard components, but we also offer a variety of optional components for additional customization.


Power Wheel™

The Power Wheel option facilitates cover removal by letting you use both leg and arm muscles to uncover the pool. This option also allows operation from inside a recessed housing.

Manual Pool Cover

Custom Fabric Colors

Our premium special order vinyl is available in many custom colors to match your pool decor. Contact us for all color options!


  • Manual roller with turn handle

  • Attached cover removal ropes

  • Universal track

  • Wheels

  • Exclusive premium-grade reinforced QuadCore™ vinyl

  • Automatic water removal pump

  • UL Listed (Classified Product) – conforms to applicable requirements of ASTM safety standard F1346-91