(AquaTech) Pool Fences in Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz sits along the central California coast and is famous for its beaches and hot surf spots. The nearby Beach Boardwalk has vintage rides and old-school vibes that entertain tourists and residents alike. Stroll through the city to enjoy vintage stores, galleries, and an assortment of unique restaurants all filled with that Santa Cruz character. The laid back nature of this city is well-known and many enjoy their time in the water. It is no surprise that so many houses in Santa Cruz come with pools.

Pool Fences in Santa Cruz, CA

Having a swimming pool is fun but it is also a big responsibility. Swimming pools are great for entertaining guests and for relaxing or getting exercise. Pools can also be dangerous and as accidental drowning is a top cause of death among young children, it is a necessity to invest in safety measures such as pool fences. Pool fences are rated as a necessity in terms of providing safety and preventing accidents in your pool. While other options such as pool covers can also help, pool safety fences are the foremost in providing pool safety.

Pool Fence Options

The two main types of pool fences you can choose from are permanent and removable. Most pool owners choose the permanent option, but the removable options can have their perks. For homes that do not have children or pets, the removable option is great to protect those who may be stopping by for a visit only. Removable fencing is not recommended though, for houses with children and pets that are present at all times. There are a number of materials you can choose from for your pool fence, and often you can find something that will match the decor of your yard and patio furniture. The most common materials used include iron, mesh, glass, wood, and vinyl. Each of these can often be purchased in an assortment of styles, designs, and colors, so you don’t need to worry about an unsightly fence in your yard.

  • Metal fences are the most common and are typically made from wrought iron, aluminum, and steel. Metal fences offer the advantage of being highly durable but are also expensive.
  • Wood fences are also common, especially because there are so many varieties of wood to choose from. The benefit of choosing a wood fence is that they are versatile and can be designed or adjusted to fit any pool shape.
  • Glass fences are becoming more popular as an alternative for those who do not want a bulky fence that causes view obstructions.
  • Mesh fences are also becoming more popular for their ability to prevent kids from climbing. Without any large holes to put hands and feet into, mesh fences are not easy to scale and therefore keep kids out. Mesh fences are also cheaper than other materials.


Owning a pool is both fun and a big responsibility, so be sure that you keep safety as your top priority. If your Santa Cruz home has a pool, be sure that safety is your priority, and call us today to discuss getting a pool fence installed.





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