Featured, Pool Care How to Clean Oils and Lotions from the Swimming Pool   A swimming pool can provide a lot of entertainment for the summer. Keeping a pool clean is not as easy as it seems. While a person can use a filter and a skimmer to remove debris from the water there Continue Reading Pool Safety points Featured, Pool Safety Safety Gadgets Help Prevent Drowning Having a pool at your home might seem like a fun idea, but it can quickly turn dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. Make sure that you follow every safety measure that you can for your pool, especially Continue Reading automatic-pool-covers Featured, Pool Covers Pool Cover Cost vs Benefits
Introduction The people who are considering pool covers should think of the pool
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no-holes-pool-fence-bay-area-ca Featured, Parenting Pros and Cons of No Holes Pool Fence   A well-kept pool is a great feature in your home as it provides memorable bonding moments with your family or an ideal solution to staying cool on hot summer afternoons. As such, you will need to secure your pool with Continue Reading pool-cover-silicon-valley Featured, Pool Covers, Pool Fence Pros and Cons of Pool Fences vs Pool Covers
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Thermal-Pool-Cover-San-Francisco-Bay-Area Featured, Parenting What Kinds Of Pool Cover? There really are no simple product choices these days. Almost every single type of product that people can name is part of a large category with many different choices, and pool covers are no exception. Choosing the right pool cover Continue Reading Swimming Pool Featured, Swimming Pool 5 Great Reasons To Build A Swimming Pool People often go back and forth on whether to or not to purchase a pool. Some believe it is a lot of work and others think it is the greatest thing on earth. No matter what one feels there are Continue Reading pool maintanence Featured, Home, Swimming Pool Buying a home with a pool? What you need to know Owning a home is a dream come true for many people. Whether the home is in the city, in the suburb or on a ranch, owning one gives the home owner peace of mind as well as a sense of Continue Reading algea-in-the-swimming-pool-oakley-california Featured, Pool Care How To Handle Algae In The Swimming Pool? You may have just bought your first used home with a beautiful large swimming pool in the back yard, filled with shimmering clean water. You can imagine yourself sunbathing on a warm day and using your great new pool. You Continue Reading ph-level-swimming-pool-sacramento-ca Featured, Pool Care The Right pH Level In The Swimming Pool PH is the amount of acid or alkali in the pool water and everything can affect the levels from the weather to oils and even cosmetics. It is crucial to keep this in the recommended amount because having too low Continue Reading
20 07, 2020

DIY Automatic Pool Cover Maintenance – How To?

Automatic pool covers are a popular and important safety feature for pools. The trouble is that they can be high maintenance. Since automatic pool covers can cost you anywhere between $10-15K, it is an investment you want to protect and maintain. Having an automatic pool cover means that you will benefit from a clean pool, [...]

3 07, 2020

Explaining Pool Safety to Teens and Young Adults

You protected your kids from the pools when they were little, and you still have to protect them as they get older. This time, protection involves teaching them about pool safety. They will have their own independence and need to be responsible for their own safety, but they still need your guidance. As your kids [...]

20 06, 2020

Create Your Own Staycation During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is not a good thing, but some good can come out of it. The summer is here. Memorial Day has passed and you want to celebrate the warm weather and summer vibes. The economic and psychological impact of COVID-19 has been huge. But, there is some light. What do COVID-19 and the [...]

1 06, 2020

The Top Steps to Undertake to Significantly Extend the Life of Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are investments that can be quite beneficial for the entire family in more than one aspect, so going the extra mile to ensure your pool remains in perfect shape for as long as possible is always well worth it. Extending the lifetime of your swimming pool to a significant extent is possible if [...]

26 03, 2020

Is The Swimming Pool Safe During The Coronavirus Epidemic?

The spread of COVID-19 has caused closures of businesses all across the country. This includes gyms and public pools. The goal is to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19. This virus is predicted to affect millions. With all the conflicting information in the media right now, it can be hard to know what to [...]