nirvana heat pumpNirvana heat pumps use the best innovations and quality to provide you with substantial noise reduction, durable long lasting manufactured parts, and protective coating against corrosion. These are features designed to allow service that is free from concern and function at a high level for longer lengths of time.

The compressor has a specially designed cover which uses acoustic technology to limit noise levels. It also comes in a cabinet made of fiberglass, with fan blades also engineered for more silent running.

Its control panel is digital. This is specifically for owner friendly adjustments of water temperature that helps to maintain the heat pump’s precise level of energy efficiency. Combining it with management systems is easy because it is compatible with those. You may also choose to use the company’s wireless option.

The function of the fiberglass casing makes it simple to install and maintain. It will not fade and is durable. The entire pump is provided with a warranty good for 15 years.