We all need pool covers to ensure that dirt and debris doesn’t collect in the pool and also protect the water from the daily dust flowing in the air. But much more important than that would be the fact that a pool cover also acts a necessary safety precaution.

In fact, in some cities it is necessitated by law to put a pool cover above the pool water, just in case any random person or an animal wandering into your pool area gets drawn by the gleaming water.

Besides a good pool cover ensuring against that happening, there are fences available in the market which can be easily installed around your pool as added pool safety measures.


Manual Versus Automatic Pool Covers

When you’re in the market hunting for a good pool cover, the price tag usually plays an important role in deciding which type of cover to purchase. The options you have are of two types: manual and automatic pool covers.

It goes without saying that manual covers require a ton of more work than automatic ones. But they tend to be much more easy on your pocket as compared to electric or automated pool covers.

Though personal preferences also play a role here as well as different circumstances at home – like having children or pets – there are many reasons why getting an automatic cover would be the wiser option for you and your home.


Automatic or Electric Pool Covers

automatic pool coverThere are several benefits in purchasing an automatic cover. Besides the fact that they are a breeze to work it out – you just push a button or two and you’re done, the automatic covers work best for people in a hurry and for those who have kids. Nothing beats the ease of covering the whole pool in a second when you are dead-tired or have a zillion chores at home.

Some automatic pool covers also come with built-in solar panels which help heat up your pool while the cover is in place. This will save you mega bucks by cutting down on your heating costs.

Besides providing you with energy savings, automatic covers are also very low maintenance and even prevent evaporation while protecting your pool.

You could even finance an electric cover, if its heavy cost doesn’t fit in your budget, as these will pay themselves back many times over in very less time.

Manual or Pin-It-Down Pool Covers

Manual pool coversMade from vinyl or mesh fabric, manual or pin-it-down pool covers are trimmed to conform to the shape of your pool and are attached to the deck through anchors which are drilled at the space of 2-3 feet each.

The biggest advantage of a manual pool cover is hands-down its price factor. Since these covers cost as much as half of what the automatic ones do, they are easy to manage and are able to cover the pool in about 20-30 minutes, with a little physical exertion, budget-savvy people tend to opt for them more often.

So, if a little manual labor doesn’t bother you, go for it! You’d be saving money on the automatic cover’s price tag.

One point to note here is that manual covers are not the easiest to use during harsh winters.

Basically it all boils down to how much moolah you want to shell out when you buy a pool cover and for its initial installation charges.

At the end of it, any cover is a smart investment as they would both protect your pool and keep it safe from the elements of weather.