Our Pool And Spa Covers


Our Automatic Pool Covers:

  • Help prevent drowning accidents. 
  • Act as a shield against the elements, and can be unlocked and retracted instantly.
  • Suppress evaporation, therefore reducing the need for a dehumidification, leading to even greater energy savings. In addition to saving energy, pool covers can also reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.
  • By providing a barrier between the atmosphere and the pool, pool covers prevent evaporation.
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Our Step-Saver® Manual Pool Cover

For customers with a more limited budget, we offer the Step-Saver manual reel cover.  This cover is both suitable and convenient for daily use, and is an affordable substitute for an automatic cover.  This cover provides the same safety benefits at half the price, while using the same track as the Save-T 3 Automatic Cover for track guidance. 

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Our Loop Loc Pool Covers

The Loop Loc safety pool cover is durable and strong enough to hold an elephant. Therefore, your children will be safe when walking on it. The patented CABLE-LOC™, GAPGUARD® and SECURE-A-GAP® are used to close the gap between the pool and the edge of your yard. Parents with children too young to swim on their own can use the pool to avoid any unforeseen accidents.

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Spa Covers

Our Spa Covers

  • AUTOSAVE SPA COVER: Our Autosave spa cover’s compressed mechanism trims down the space necessary to cover your spa, and can be used for both in-ground and above-ground spas.

  • VINYL SPA COVER: made of high-density polystyrene foam inserts with tapered design for excellent run off. Includes skirting, handles and fasteners.

  • THERMO LIGHT SPA COVER: For larger or free-form in-ground spas where regular foam spa covers can be too heavy or cannot be installed, check out our Thermo-Light Floating Spa Cover.

  • SOFT POOL COVER: AquaTech offers a custom soft safety vinyl spa cover designed to match existing Automatic pool covers. This option is relatively cheaper then our other options.

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bubble pool cover

Our Solar / Bubble Pool Covers

Bubble (or solar) pool covers can be an excellent alternative to vinyl covers depending on where the pool is situated and what time it is most likely to be in use. Resembling a thicker and more durable form of the classic bubble-wrap packing material, these covers also incorporate UV inhibitors and are specifically designed for use with swimming pools.

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Thermal Pool Covers

Our Thermal Pool Covers

  • PVC coated tarpaulin
  • 100% stabilized polyester woven 20 x 20 count denier for superior performance
  • Coated and UV stabilized on both sides for maximum protection
  • The weighting for the edging is extruded black vinyl
  • The edging system has drain holes punched every 3 feet
  • Does not chaulk or flake
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