Guardian Pool Fence, a company well-known for its top-quality swimming pool fences, just announced that they recently received their fourth patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for their new locking deck sleeve, which is compatible with the company’s Premier pool fence system. This product was specifically designed to increase the overall safety of Guardian’s fencing product line.


While there is not a set national policy for pool fencing and each municipality can create their own regulation, Guardian Pool Fence works hard to offer high-quality fencing that meets most building code standards. 


The specific issue which led to this new design was that various building inspectors were concerned that a section of the fence could be defeated by pulling the pole out of the deck sleeve.  They were worried that this would increase the chance of young children getting past the pool fencing.  Although no such cases occurred, Guardian Pool Fence took the initiative to design and engineer a locking system that prevents the poles from being pulled out of the deck. This has resulted in Guardian’s newest locking deck sleeve being approved to meet building codes almost universally for municipalities throughout the US.


The new locking deck sleeve uses screws to secure the pole into the deck sleeve.  The deck sleeve is secured to the deck using a special adhesive.  This is the fourth patent obtained by Guardian Pool Fence Systems.


Other patents include Guardian Pool Fence’s Self-Closing, Removable Key Locking Gate, which was the first functional, self-closing, climb resistant, removable gate in the world.  Guardian’s NO HOLES Pool Fence System is the first pool fence that can be set up around the pool without drilling any holes into the deck.  This system took 16 years, 4 engineers and two machinists to complete!  The NO HOLES base system uses the PREMIER Pool Fence, which is the strongest mesh fence on the market today.  Their other US Patent is a system that prevents their ORIGINAL from being removed from the deck.


Guardian Pool Fence has been providing residents throughout the world with high-quality pool fencing solutions since 1995.  The company prides itself on being able to provide the top-quality security devices.  Guardian’s customers depend on their designs and engineered products to protect their families.  Their continued commitment to providing consumers with the most secure fencing solutions on the market has made them the #1 pool fence manufacturer in the world. 


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