Located in the central Californian county of San Mateo is a beautiful town called Atherton, formerly known as Fair Oaks. This town is known to host California’s richest people and is listed as the second most expensive place to live in America. The price on the houses there average over four million dollars and there are many famous people that have houses there such as Cheryl Burke, Willie Mays, Shirley Temple Black, and Jerry Rice, just to name a few, there are many more.

Of course, with the luxury of the houses they usually come with a pool. In the hot California sun it would be important to have a pool and some of them have them just because it comes with the house. They can be used for exercises and to stay fit for their health and some for their looks. A sparkling blue pool is usually the focal point of the backyard.

No matter whether you are famous or not or what size house you have, owning a pool is a big responsibility and pool safety is always a huge concern. There is always a danger of someone falling in and you can’t sit and keep an eye on your pool all the time, and you don’t want any life changing events happening. Insurance companies will even charge extra on your home insurance if you have a pool because of the liability. You can check with your state on the laws but most states require that you have a fence around your pool. There are many different kinds of fences depending on your style, from modern, to rustic, to classic. Not only can they can be used for safety but can also be a beautiful addition to your backyard and for a little more privacy.

When thinking of pool safety, you should also think about your pool cover. Can your pool cover prevent an accident? A pool cover is used to keep the dirt and debris out of it but it takes so long to put it on and off. Wouldn’t it be easier to have an automatic pool cover? They are quick, simple and easy to use. You just click a switch and the pool covers itself, locking into place. They seal off your pool and helps to avoid any accidents especially if you have young children that all playing nearby. They are more expensive, but in the long run they will be worth it. They can save you time, money and energy and much stress.

Knowing that you can enjoy the luxury and relaxation of having a pool without the worry of someone having an accident would weigh heavy on anyone’s mind. Being a pool owner, you want to be responsible but also you don’t want to have to stand guard. Having a pool alarm is a must have for a pool owner. It sounds an alarm if anything falls into the pool.

There are three different kinds of pool alarms:

• The Sub-surface disturbance detector: By tripping the sensor when something falls into the water is how it makes the alarm sound. It has a remote siren that can be set up at a location you choose, and the unit attaches to the side of your pool.

• Surface wave sensor: Above a submerged contact the alarm floats on the water. An alarm will sound if the waves in the pool get big enough to make the contact under the water touch the surface unit. The alarms are sensitive and by changing the distance between the contacts, can be quickly adjusted.

• Wristband alarm: This siren is activated by a wristband instead of a motion sensor. Attaching the wristband is water activated so make sure before your child takes a bath that they take the wristband off.

Since you have all your safety devices in order, the only thing left is to enjoy!