Pool Alarm Brentwood

Brentwood, CA Is located on the east bay region of the San Francisco Bay area. Being only an hour or away from bustling cities like San Francisco and Silicon valley, the population though small, only around 52,000 people is growing fast.

This town is known throughout the bay area for its agricultural produce, mostly corn, peaches, and cherries. The town centers around their 50 picturesque parks, the oak woodlands, and new Civic Center. They hold their annual Corn Festival for 3 days on the 4th of July weekend.

The community here is friendly, outgoing and all about family and friends. They enjoy shopping, good food, being outdoors in one of the many parks, back yard family get together’s, and relaxing in their pools on hot summer days.

Pools are one thing a lot of families own when they live in warmer climates. But pools can be dangerous to have. Unfortunately accidental drowning is the second leading cause of death for kids under the age of 15. Killing around 300 children a year.

You can help prevent this by following some basic safety guidelines

  1. Make sure your pool is supervised.
  2. Have a fence that completely surrounds the pool and have a lock and gate alarm installed on it.
  3. Put up signs clearly stating there is a pool.
  4. Install a pool alarm system.

There are three basic models of pool alarms:

• Sub-Surface Disturbance Detector: This type of alarm you find in most in ground pools, with or without the covers on. It is attached to side of your pool and relies on wave induced pressure changes. It has a remote siren that can easily be placed anywhere of your choosing.

• Surface Wave Detectors aka Floating Alarms: This alarm floats on the surface of the water above a submerged contact. Some models feature a remote receiver. When a wave gets high enough, the contact and alarm touches and emits a loud alert letting you know something over 15 pounds is in the water. On these alarms, you can adjust the sensitivity to your preference. These can also be used on above ground pools and with the pool covers on.

• Wristband alarms: These are alarms that your child wears on their wrists and emits a alert to the central alarm center located in your house when it gets wet. This alarm relies on your child wearing it and not taking it off. Anytime it gets wet whether from rain, washing hand, etc. it will trigger the alarm. Most people use this alarm with one the previous two types mentioned.

Using any of the models of pool alarms should be used with other safety precautions and not just alone. You can never be too safe with little children and pets. By following these safety tips everyone can have a great summer without having to worry about any accidents that might occur.