Pool Alarm Dublin CADublin, CA – This place is definitely not to be confused with its famous namesakes, the capital city of Ireland. Dublin, California, is a suburban city of the East (San Francisco) Bay region of Alameda County, California. The city was formerly named Amador and Dougherty’s Station after Jose Maria Amador and James Witt Dougherty, who owed most of city’s land in the late 18th Century. The city is located at the intersection of two major stagecoach routes, the north side of Interstate 580 at the intersection with Interstate 680, about 10 miles east of Hayward, 6 miles west of Livermore, directly north of Pleasanton. The city has a low population and its prime location is epitomized by the wonderful weather enjoyed in the state of California.

So, what are some of the things to do in this beautiful city – Well, many families visit this lovely city to relax, enjoy the lovely weather and go for the occasional swim. First and foremost, the hot weather will encourage you to take a dip at any nearby swimming pool. I mean, who doesn’t like to swim? Swimming is the only sport that you can wear less than a cheerleader and still look better plus the added health benefits. There are so many places to go for swimming in Dublin, CA but if you have kids and your children are in the mood for a swim, the best option is to choose a swimming pool with some kind of safety measure in place to avoid uncertainty.

Luckily California is one of only three states with a pool alarm law. According to Robert Jechart, member of the ASTM Pool Safety Committee, Pool alarms that sound both inside and outside the home provide a critical last level of defense against fatal drowning. This is incredibly helpful because drowning is one of the common causes of children’s death.

There is no doubt; alarms can alert parents to dangers before it’s too late. These alarms along with other security measures work by sounding a loud signal if a small child or pet falls into the swimming pool or approach its perimeter. Even with sufficient supervision, these accidents still occur which goes to prove that even the most careful parents can still suffer the loss of their beloved child. This is a good preventive measure to avoid any dangers to your children and if you’re a mother like me, safety first is the word of the day.