los altos

There can be little doubt that Los Altos is one of the most perfect towns to bring up a child in the whole of America, offering as it does a rich wealth of educational facilities, sporting institutes and a fantastically located community close enough to the major cities but distinct enough to retain a cultured, refined place to live. It ought to be no surprise that these facilities make Los Altos real estate highly valuable and much in demand, with median property values currently standing at around $2m per unit.

For this amount of money, it should be expected that the overwhelming majority of these properties are going to also include a swimming pool. Los Altos has fought hard to protect the leafy tranquility of the region over the years, and as such there are barely any tall apartment buildings to block out the sublime Californian sunshine. As such the overwhelming majority of properties in the town are picture perfect examples of modern American suburbia, with many offering extensive grounds – and hence swimming pools that can be enjoyed around the year.

With this affluence comes also a certain degree of responsibility in ensuring that these sumptuous properties and their pools are protected by the very best security systems. The semi-rural nature of the community, with minimal communal lighting on numerous small roads and properties set apart at respectable distances has meant that home security systems are well thought through – and success – in keeping crime rates at a comparative regional low. However, one area that is commonly overlooked and exceedingly straight forward to protect is the issue of pool alarms, in place to sound an alarm in case an unexpected presence is detected in the water.

Using state of the art sensors that monitor the waves in the water, a pool alarm is an increasingly important feature of the modern domestic swimming pool. While classically installed to ensure that children can be saved from the pool should they slip or fall in, they are equally suitable for adults of all ages – as should anyone suffer a seizure, or accident and fall in the pool they unfortunately be equally incapable of raising alarm or making their way back to safety.

Swimming pools are the embodiment of success, and those owning properties in Los Altos must be ranked among those who have, financially at least, ‘made it’. As the communities key employers tend to professional education or medical facilities, it would be foolhardy to ignore the potential perils of the pool and the unfortunate statistical dangers that they may present at the inexpensive price of installing a modern pool alarm system. Pool alarms can be discreetly located at strategic points around the pool, and installed to minimize any aesthetic concerns that can trouble the refined home owner. Given the ever growing awareness of pool safety, a quality alarm system will soon be considered a standard necessity to provide a fail safe means of accident prevention, suitable for homes and pools of all sizes.